Why the EM2 was a failure !

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by old_bloke, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Are there not enough threads on this already?
  2. Its complexity was not the reason it wasn't manufactured in quantity.
    The Americans insisted on using their 7.62mm cartridge throughout NATO.
    Churchill was re-elected and did a U-turn. EM-2 had already been adopted and there was rapid back-pedalling to find a rifle capable of better handling the bigger cartridge.

    We wound up with some inferior Belgian rifle, the name of which I forget.

    The extensive machining was probably an advantage, providing jobs for lots of skilled workers.
    They could have made a similar bull-pup rifle much more cheaply using steel stampings, but that would probably have been ****.
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  3. Spams wouldn't go for a bullet smaller than .300 cal... EM-2 could be re-bored for 7.62mm.

    Shame. Optical sight and auto in the '60s, with the best round of the time, a heady combo of weight v light and distance v punch.
  4. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    There's only one EM.

  5. Have you seen the clip?
    The weapon is in 7.62 with the kick of a donkey.
  6. It would be interesting to seee how much a EM2 is going for now. Of course, only in the land of Uncle Sam but i reckon not much change from $10k.

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    Whilst the good Michael Gove has cautioned us against it, I can't help myself asking - are you some sort of gaylord?
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  8. Not yet, having plug in issues.

    But from what you say, this is one of the 7.62mm trials... which showed that 7.62mm in this design was not going to fly.

    Shame. really.
  9. The EM-2 in its original format had a few problems, but no more than any experimental design, and could have been made to work. The Septic demand for 7.62mm was their usual parochial job and killed the rifle - it would not have worked with the bigger cartridge. The resulting adoption of THAT rifle was, in some ways, the worst of two worlds, but it did the job it was wanted for - and I for one like it. The fashion for 5.56mm was a Cold War demand for something to fill the air with lead (or whatever) out to 200m, the point where Russky Motor Infantry got out of their APCs for the final assault. At 500m, in thin air and a shitty mirage, it's stuffed....
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  10. Has anyone made a version of this using modern materials, it looks like a cool weapon even with the kick of a donkey. Love to see a weapons manafacturer like HK take this and make it for the modern market,
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  11. [wah]They did. It's called the A2[/wah] It would be nice to see it in a large case 7mm.
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    I think you'll find this is some sort of gaylord, actually.

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  13. What.....like this?

    Longest Patrol.jpg
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    good video - that thing made one hell of a racket - is that down to him being in (what looked like) an enclosed space?