Why the discrepancy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. POLICY - the very ****ing word drives me to a blind rage.

    These people who process such applications do so without thinking in blind accordance with policy, this kind of thing happens all the time, when I applied for disability living allowance I was awarded mobility at the middle rate because I was relatively young and I might get better - they are clearly under the impression limbs grow back.

    They'll be plenty of people helping this lad and I bet someone is currently on the case.
  2. Dingerr - I thought that disabled servicemen could queue jump is this not the case? I was wondering that if there are so many service charites, RBL, Help for Heroes, Haig housing, and MOD funds that there is no central point co-ordination everything and people fall through the net???
  3. I'll give you one guess.
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  4. trust me, injured or non injured service men get no special treatment. i've come across the housing thing before now and they do not give a flying fcuk. unless your names gupta your nothng.
    me and my wife had to kick,scream and kick and scream again. it got that bad we was living in the car for a couple of weeks. my wifes disabled and got told 'so what'.
    if it wasnt for me being more determined everytime we got knocked back we'd still be on the street.
    it riles me to fcuk that these ******* would be more than happy to let a homeless soldier rot and bend over backwards to accomadate those not deserving.
    honestly, if you want a house with all the trimmings? change name to gupta or be a drain on society
  5. In housing terms he IS a priority case. Most asylum seekers in million pound housing are in London, in which case their housing benefit covers it (due to the stupid amounts that local councils are willing to pay, but not for long), Also the houses they first go into as asylum seekers aren't unsually the ones they end up living in once they get leave to remain, it usually gets a lot worse! The Asylum teams in local councils tend to get the best pick of the houses, possibly so that if they want (councils) to sell them off, they will gain more money for them than dumps on council estates.
    HOWEVER, in the case of Alex, if the lift got stuck a few times, he then couldn't get home, he could then rent local / private housing and have housing benefit pay for the property as long it was within what is known as the "Local housing allowance".
    So for 2 kids and a couple (looking at Thurrock, where he lives) it would be about £675 per month. As a priority he could get the local council to trump up the deposit and then housing benefit would pay up to (can rent over if you pay the extra) £675 for the property he lives in. Not totally sure, but with 2 kids, he might want a 3 bedroomed house, if he can find one for the same price, they might pay that amount, but not over as the kids are the same sex and can share a room according to housing law. RBL will know all of this as they do have housing officers in their ranks.
  6. Disability means priority - BY LAW they have to house you, even in emergency accom, if that's a B&B, then it is. Also children means priority as well, forces is only a priority for the first year after leaving the forces.
  7. If anyone has a problem being told to f&^K off from the council from housing and you have kids / disabilities etc just say "OK then. I'm going to speak to Shelter" most housing groups poo their pants like a small child on a roller coaster when this happens and they'll find you something in 2 minutes flat.
  8. I may be naive but I thought the Military Covenant came into force in July 2011 which would cover Alex's situation??
  9. The Prime Minister probably takes about as much notice of the Military Covenant as did King John with Magna Carta.
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  10. It probably doesn't cover what the housing legislation already covers. They will say that area is already sorted out, but it's a load of tosh if you don't know the system.
  11. It just seemed strange to me that one guy could have an all dancing all singin whistles and bells pad and the other was stuck up a tower block with 2 kiddies
  12. Could be that someone is acutally homeless, if they are in Temp accom, they will be pushed harder to bid or go for crap properties, mainly due to the "You're homeless, you should be grateful for what you get" attitude of councils. My wife and I are on a housing list as we rent, we are jack shit in the listings because we work (me full, wifey part time) and we have a roof over our heads, but if we got somewhere and refused it, then we carry on. For someone who is homeless they will say that they can sleep on the streets if they don't want it, you've got the chance for a house, take it or bugger off. I know people have said Manchester council is very harsh for this tactic.
  13. Just a thought. Say someone had a 2 bedroom property that they would rather rent to ex forces what should they do? Indeed if it needed converting for disabled who should they approach? And as a bytheway if they treat the property like an Aldershot pub what do they do?
  14. He's still serving.
    He's still earning.
    He's not married.
    He'll soon have savings in excess of 23k.
    He's young.

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