Why the Cypress green beret?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shenda, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. I have asked numerous people this question, and yet after ten months no one has managed to answer it?

    Does anyone know the real reason behind the Cypress green Beret?
  2. Battle honour for the various diseases the RAMC had to get to grips with (so to speak) out there? Personally, i had a UN blue one (my tadger never quite made it to green / black / fall off stage :)
  3. Cypress, right?

    Edit: Ah, buttons got there first!
  4. I think you'll find it's CYPRESS which is a kind of tree with very green foliage.Sacred to Hermes,god of spies,whores and tricksters

    It is also the most common cemetery tree in the western world and has associations with death and mourning.
  5. Unless the AGC (SPS) have started the world domination tour :-0
  6. Apologies, yes you are correct! Cypress!
  7. After the switch to the cypress green lid, apparently the DofE arrived at Ashford resplendent in his new Int Corps beret, to be met by the chief slimer. "Sorry about the new beret sir" quoth he, "I don't know what ee-jit chose the colour!"

    "I did" came the reply.

    Warning: Might not be true
  8. I rue the day I had stop wearing my pullover and then later my side hat. And I bet you didn't know that 7 Int Coy once had to wear cypress green cravats!
  9. I would imagine the int corps adopted it as their beret colour from greek mythology as it was sacred to Hades, the king of the underworld. He was also supposed to have a magical helm that rendered the wearer invisible which he often lent out on one occasion to Perseus so he could kill Medusa, hence the association with sneaky beaky shit. Ok I dont really know but that sounds good.
  10. Yeah, with your Dove Grey smoking jackets and fluffy slippers... :wink:
  11. Isn't the colour meant to pay homage to the baize on the snooker/billiards table in the Residency at Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny, from which bits of uniform were made by the defenders?

    Of course, I may be mixing it up with something I read in Flashman... :roll:
  12. It was a magical day that the AGC (SPS) also started to wear the Cypress Green beret, especially at Thiepval Bks where many of them dulled it down with boot polish, unless you were really close up they looked like they were badged Int Corps. I think one of the words used to discribe them was 'Throbbers'.
  13. The colour comes from the days of the Field Security Police of WW2. In the early days of their existance they were a wing of the CMP. Each wing wore different cap covers:

    Provost = Red
    Vulnerbale Points = Blue
    Traffic Control = White
    Field Security = Green

    When the FSP were taken into the INT CORPS the green colour went with them.

    The colour green was also associated with intelligence in the Great War. Int officers wore a green armband.
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  14. Cypress Green - from the gorget patches and hat bands of the Intelligence staff in WW1
    French Grey - from the armbands worn by INT CORPS soldiers during WW2
    Scarlet - for secrecy
  15. Not Int Corps but a bit of a spotter and daring to be sensible in this post

    I believe it was to do with the original Int Officers who wore their own regimental accroutments but also wore green tabs on their lapels. Why Cypress green ? I'll go with the mythology just look at the SRR cap badge