Why The "C" In Our Main Battle Tanks?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone enlighten us as to why Britain's main battle tanks all start with the letter "C"

    For example ..... Churchill, Cromwell, Centurion, Comet, Chieftain, Challenger etc.
  2. Mark1 to Mark 4, Whippet, Little Willie, A-something or other?
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    and the matilda, the valentine, the tortoise, the whippet?
  4. in the 1930s it was decided there would be two types of tanks Infantry and Cruiser, the Infantry Mk1 was called Matilda because it waddled like a duck,and so was the Mk2, the Mk3 was called Valentine because of the deadline for the design was the 14th Februry, and the Mk4 was named after the Prime minister's ancester John Churchill, Duke of Marlbough.
    The lighter faster Cruiser tanks started with the un-named A series but soon changed to the the C names Crusader,Convanteer, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion ect and so on , hope that helps
  5. "C" for "Cruiser" tank, from which the MBT is derived.
  6. Seems during The Second Word War that "C" was introduced then as prior to that as correctly pointed out, British tanks had other names.
  7. Just wondered if in addition you knew how the name the glider portable tank Tetrarch originated .

    Edited to add ..... I think I may now know ..... from Internet .....

    Tetrarch (Ancient Greek: Τετράρχης, Tetrárchēs, "ruler of a quarter"
  8. Just to throw a spanner in the works ....... Britain's recent Reconnaissance vehicles C.V.R(T) "Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked" all start with the letter "S"

    Spartan, Sultan, Samaritan, Striker, Scorpion, Scimitar.
  9. Because they followed on from Saladin and Saracen, of the FV600 series including a fire engine and High mobility Veh Salamanda, and Stalwart
  10. So where do Dingo and Ferret fit in then?
  11. Missed off Shielder, Samson, Sabre from that list.
    Not really Tanks as such , but neither is Spartan, Sultan or Samaritan.

    Linky thingy
  12. They dont , all WW2 armoured cars were named by there manufacturer Marmon Harrington,Daimler,AEC,Humber, the Daimler scout car was nicknamed "Dingo" but the first named Armoured car used by the British was the American "Staghound"
  13. Trooper 66 .......... I admire your expert knowledge in this field Sir. :salut:
  14. Many hours,whilst in JLR RAC wandering around the tank museum in Bovington