Why the British Bulldog is best!

An Englishman, Frenchman, Chinaman, Scotsman, Australian and American were in a pub discussing who had the best thing in the world.

The Australian said: "It's good old Aussie Beef - delicious!"

The Frenchman stated: "It is the Eiffel Tower".

The Scotsman raised his whiskey glass: "No Jimmy, it's got to be those Bonny Green Fields of Scotland".

The Chinaman said: "No, it is the only thing you can see from outer space: The Great Wall of China!"

The American stated: "It is the thing that represents our great nation. It is stars & stripes".

Then they all looked at the Englishman, who being the most sober, continued to drink his tea (it was 4 O'clock).

"Well, limey, ain't you gonna claim something for your nation?" said the yank.

The Englishman thought about it and then remarked: "I say it is the British Bulldog, for it beats all of yours very easily"

"Why!?" They all exclaimed, "Give us a reason how you can claim that this stupid animal can beat the best things our nation has?" said the Frenchman.

"It's like this" replied the Englishman:" The British Bulldog, would have eaten the Aussie Beef, picked his teeth using the Eiffel Tower, had a shit in the green fields of Scotland, jumped over the Great Wall of China, and wiped his ARSE in the Stars & Stripes".

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