Why Telegraph is a vulgar newspaper...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/04/25/ngi25.xml&sSheet=/news/2006/04/25/ixhome.html

    Virulent anti-Americanism of Telegraph is too well-known. However it outperformed itself in this case. No one word has been said in the article about great contribution of American army in the liberation of Europe.

    But these crimes committed by the few can't blacken image of American people and we should remember fallen heroes that sacrificed thier lives for freedom and independence of European nations including independence of the UK.

    This so called 'journalist' from Telegraph uses his poisonous pen to describe this cheap 'sensation' if full colours. Shame!
  2. Sometimes you are tiresome
  3. The Telegraph does always run terrific military obituaries.

    Hope to see yours there soon :D
  4. Sergey you have gone too far this time. I know English isn't your first language and I couldn't begin to post on a thread in Russian, but you are so wide of the mark in your interpretation of this article's meaning that I wonder if you know what it was really about.
  5. Your Lordship!

    Explain it me please. First of all, do you agree that the article is anti-American?
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Old Jewish anecdode springs in mind.

    - Rebe Isaak, what is yout heath?
    - Your wait in vain!
  7. No I truly don't Sergey. I have to toddle off now but if this thread is still alive tomorrow I'll try to explain why (unless someone else does it first).
  8. The article is not anti American rather it is stating some historical facts, without any comment. HMG colluded with the US to hide a problem for the greater good, remember Nazi propaganda made great play of Americans sleeping with British soldiers wives whilst the Brits were away (Remember the Nazis - they were the ones Comrade Stalin made a treaty with).

    Given the numbers of US servicemen who came to the UK at that time the figures for crime are about those to be statistically expected. The racist slant was in line with the times, though thankfully would not be tolerated now.
  9. The Telegraph is the only paper that actually gives a positive view on the military! All the rest think any one in a uniform is an evil baby eating rapist that pissses on Iraqis.
  10. The thing is to remember that when you take into account the millions of men that were here prior to D Day, the actual numbers of incidents were quite small. Is the person that started this thread saying that every American Soldier was a saint before he was called up and would have never got into any trouble.
  11. Sergey, you have accused The Daily Telegraphof being 'vulgar' before, and here again - as before - you display a complete lack of understanding of both the term 'vulgar' and The Daily Telegraph.

    As always, I suspect that you are simply doing this in order to get a rise out of people here on ARRSE, and are therefore choosing to 'not understand'. It is quite simply hilarious to see you accusing this newspaper of anti-Americanism, especially in the instance of this particular article, as you have spent a great deal of your time here on ARRSE doing nothing but engage in either outright or insidious anti-Westernism in general and anti-Americanism in particular, usually by trawling about on the fringes of the internet and attempting to draw spurious moral comparisons between the Soviet Gulag (and other crimes of Communism) and various incidences in the West. Most pointedly, you have liberally quoted and referenced The Guardian, that well-known bastion of pro-Westernism and pro-Americanism (I don't think) as if from Holy script.

    The Daily Telegraph is considered, even by its 'enemies', to be the newspaper of the upper reaches of British society - this is partly the reason why it is jokingly referred to as 'The Torygraph'. It is socially, politically, religiously, morally, and historically conservative in its outlook. It has employed, and still continues to employ, some of the finest journalists/writers in the English language. It is solidly pro-Army (and pro the wider Armed Forces) and solidly Royalist. It gives attention in its pages to items that other newspapers do not, and indeed have never, given attention to. It is the only newspaper that I know of which prints a Court Circular, which forms part of its 'Court & Social' page. It is distinctly highbrow in its approach to the Arts ad literature, and is a staunch defender of Western culture in general and British culture in particular. Unlike even many broadsheets, it has not surrendered to the widespread obsession with cheap celebrity 'culture', which is truly vulgar; I won't even bother to compare it to the tabloids, which have consistently made vulgarity their own...

    I suspect that you resent The Daily Telegraph primarily because it stands for the things which you Sergey - as an unrepentant apologist for the USSR and Communism in general - naturally loath, as they are things that are quite simply beyond your understanding, and which, by their very existence and survival in the face of the onslaught launched against them by the philistines of the system you so miss, are a living rebuke to that system.

    On a pedantic point, Cambridge dictionaries online gives the following two definitions for the term 'vulgar', which as you can see highlight your misapplication of it to The Daily Telegraph.

    Vulgar - not suitable, simple, graceful or beautiful; common or not in the style preferred by the upper classes of society

    Vulgar – rude and likely to upset or anger people, especially by referring to sex and the body in an unpleasant way

    I await you next fruitless proletarian assault on the pillars of Western society...with raised eyebrow :mrgreen:
  12. This appears to be about an imbalance in the American military law system, related to race

    We know there were race issues half a century ago, we know there are race issues now, unfortunately swift military justice including the death penalty appears to have been applied in WW2 UK, the stats as presented appear to present a certain picture

    I'm sure there is a bleeding heart liberal cause for concern and I'm sure someone will research deeper and possibly start a campaign

    Surely most of the GI's on death row were recruited for suicidal, you ain't all coming back, behind enemy lines type missions by telly Savalas

    As for Sergy, at least he's taken his gopping face off his avatar
  13. Gallowglass!

    Indeed, unpleasant naturalistic details have been scrutinized in the artcle. Is the only objective of the article to inform? I doubt. Wanted the author it or not, he contributed in creation of negative image of American armed forces.

    Upper reaches? Rather it is a newspaper for servants of upper riches. Do you think that exellently educated elite would be interested in this info? (look at today's Telegraph news' frontpage)




    Don't you think that Telegraph presents scientific invetigation performed by the MoD as an intention to substitute HM Armed Forces by a gang of criminals. Selected quotes portray British top officers as Britain-haters.

    Maybe, British young generation is the worst in the World? Lies! No doubt that the words said by the general were deliberately taken from the context.

    True patriotic newspaper would write that there are some, very few those that unfit for military service but vast majority are outstanding lads and lassies and Great Britain is proud to have such educated, sportive, politically active new generation, that is ready to defend the Crown and help other nations to establish true democracy.
  14. True patriotic newspapers do not report the news after conferring with Party central, they report the news. You are confused between patriotism and loyalty to the tenets upon which a country is held together and politicians. You are further confused between reporting the news and commenting on the news. The British broadsheets by and large report the news fairly, and I include the Guardian and Independant, in that statement. Where they differ is in the commentary they record about the news. The Telegraph is pro Armed Forces - but it doesn't follow any line put out by the MOD.
  15. Russian skinheads brutally attack TV producers and ministers
    04/03/2006 [article] / Hotspots and Incidents / Crimes

    TV producer Elkhan Mirzoyev was attacked and beaten on Monday night in the Moscow metro. According to the victim, he was traveling in a train in the metro when several young men entered a carriage at one of the stations. All the men were drinking beer

    Pravda reported...... russian louts.