Why students are scum. Lazy scum.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Mrs_Beaton, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. All students hate you too you filthy bucanneer

    yours in left wing media appreciation,

  2. If 'ALL' students are lazy scum, then surely, that must mean 'EVERYONE' who looks at the Countryside Alliance website is a cousin marrying, inbred cnut, who stinks of shit and is incomprehensible?
  3. <scowse voice>

    Calm down calm down!!!

    Mrs Beaton is infact one of those students that has been to university for the last 7 years and is still some way off graduation (I'm told this is known as the freshwater syndrome!)

    </scowse off>
  4. Not all students are lazy , my wife is a mature nursing student and works v hard

    She also has a nursey uniform


  5. Well he can add that to the list of other syndromes he is afflicted with, one of them being "downs" perhaps. :roll:
  6. Muppet is it Hattie in her uniform that interests you or how she came to be holding the daffodil? ;)
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    You obviously have never seen the film, where the young nurses 'take the temperature' of Wilfred Hyde-White using the Daff...
  8. That's exactly what I was hinting at
  9. Incidentally I have been trying to find someone with Down's Syndrome to conduct an experiment with; so I find that statement offensive.

    I gather that people with Down's Syndrome have exactly the same number of chromosomes as a gorilla, therefore it is possible, in theory at least, to create a monkey-man progeny.

    Could any science types confirm or deny this fact?

    I shall keep all interested parties informed of any progress...

    Yours in teratology

    Mrs Beaton
  10. If it werent for students, we wouldnt have any doctors, scientists, engineers, archeitects etc etc... just hope u realise that who u call scum now, may in the future hold your life in their hands on an operating table

    Show a little more apreciation.
  11. True but it would be a small price to pay to not have Film and TV Studies, or Surf Studies, or tw@ts with elaborately structured hair mincing about the place talking about post-modernism.

    I for one would happily live in a State of Nature to not have to put up with such inconvenience.

    Incidentally last time I was on an operating table was last summer, and the surgeon, who was a family friend, went to a South African university; therefore he does not qualify as UK student scum.

    On a more serious note, the real problem in universities is the recent decision of the AUT to boycott Israeli universities and academics; something very wrong is happening on almost every UK campus.

    Anti-semitism is the biggest problem with UK higher education now; for further evidence look at the situation in SOAS.

    Yours in concern

    Mrs Beaton
  12. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator


    Show me an ideal that has worked in practice and I might get interested, but until that point go away. Material complacency is a strange phrase to use, is it supposed to mean that I'm complacent because I have all the gadgets associated with the 4th largest economy in the world? Should I renounce it and live off a complacency free diet of grass and badger poo? Lets have a quick rundown of some past western ideals:

    National socialism; what a winner that turned out to be.

    Communism; nice try but that experiment can hardly be called a success can it.

    Religous orthodoxy; we binned that idea as soon as Cromwell died and have never looked back. I wonder why?

    Capitalism; well, it may be messy, nasty and unethical but it has seen the UK well for several hundred years now. It may be far from perfect but it does work.

    All in all I think this article is just an editorial musing and not actually worth any serious discussion. If it is intended to be serious then I for one think it 's a big bag of smelly shite.
  13. Just because I am ignorant, does anyone care to tell me how many student protests have succeeded in changing things in recent years. How many of the changes that have come in that affect the student popualtion happenend despite student activism?

    amended - When did public opinion carry any weight with the present government? whether it be student protestors or otherwise?
    petrol crisis,
    Anti war
    Countryside alliance,