Why sould the TA be given a Bounty



having been a Reg then TA then a Reg again ( i smelt the roses as a civie :-( ) why the hell should the TA get a bounty when so many of them refuse to serve the crown in the time of war??????????????????
We as the regular forces should get a bounty TAX FREE every year just to retain us in the regular forces.

instead of the 673 days LSSA  + about 200 days away from home where LSSA dosent count, the bounty would be great to stop me from getting out again.  What incentive do we have to stay in.

Give us the bounty and make the TA deserv it!!!!!!!!
The TA are given a bounty to encourage people to join,  maintain a specific level of efficiency (yes many of us think that that level is set too low) and then be available for callout.

If you hadn't noticed quite a lot of Territorials are currently being called out and therefore earning their bounty.  

I have seen posts on this sight about some individuals trying to get out of it, and have made my views on such people quite clear.

Of all the Territorials I know, and after thirty years I know a fair few, I have not yet talked to one who didn't want to be mobilised. Indeed I know many not on the list who have asked to be included.


The TA in the main are good lads and get my vote.  However I know of one (related by marriage) who has pulled the wool during his call up medical to avoid mobilization.  He has took the shilling and the bounty long enough.  Time to send out the white feathers I think.
Any TA soldier who refuses to go or pulls a flanker when called up, should be taken to court and sued by HMG for a sum not less than the total of the bounties they have received, after all they have obviously taken the money in bad faith.

Nuff said. ;D ;D ;D
In the cold war days, we had a simple plan.

Lads called out, Lads came in.

Some would let us know of any potential problem.

Some would not - send out big lads to have a word with slackers.

Call in tame doctor to stitch up and pass as fit anyone who had been spoken to!

Still think it would have worked.

Mr Happy

"Why sould the TA be given a Bounty"

Errrrm, Retention if acheiving minimum standards?  Like many other annual bonus schemes?
Fine, I'll swap my bounty for the same pension provision as the regulars get for the days that I do then.  But that will cost more so I'm not going to get it ...
Fine "One of the Strange" you can have the same pension rights as a regular when you make yourself available 24 Hrs a day 365 days a year.  As for minimum standards, some units may maintain them, but I have seen some OCs sign Certs of Efficiency knowing the soldiers haven,t done their ITDs but because they are muckers in Civi street.  When brought to the attention the RAO it was swept under the carpet, one thing about the TA the stick together ;D
By the very nature of the beast, there will always be some who let the side down.  However, the vast majority play by the rules.  

Speaking personally, I think the bounty becomes more of a factor the older you get and so is a retention tool.  When I first started my reasons were:

1) I believe in it. (God, Queen & Country etc)
2) I enjoy it.
3) The extra cash is useful.

Now in my forties with a wife and three children I have the same reasons but 2) & 3) swap about a bit.  However, after 20+ years I like to think I have some experience & skills that are still useful to the Army as a whole and so the bounty helps keep my wife onside.  

The Snob

Paying bounties to the TA chaps (and chapesses) keeps them in, keeps them interested, and keeps our Army operating. Let's face it, at the moment, we can't do much more than hold a BBQ without crashing out FTRS personnel from all points of the globe, let alone build sandcastles in Saddam's back yard.  ;D
I'm sure a lot of this bad feeling stems from confusion between 'Reservist' and 'TA'.  Call-up levels are set at 1.5 to 1 for TA, and 4 to 1 for reservist.  The press - and large parts of the Army and MoD - do not recognise any difference.

Reason - TA want to serve, and if they can't usually have a decent (albeit temporary) excuse).  Reservists generally don't.  something to do with them having recently left the Army for whatever reason.

Must admit, if I had been made redundant and then called up five years later, I'd make a fuss too :D


Fine "One of the Strange" you can have the same pension rights as a regular when you make yourself available 24 Hrs a day 365 days a year.  ;D

Let's be realistic - nobody, even if on-call 24/7, actually works 365 days a year - it's normally about 200.   However, the TA daily rate of pay is (or at least, was - it might have changed) the regular salary divided by 365.   If I sat next to my regular counterpart and did the same work over the course of a year, I'd earn a lot less, even with the bounty.   In reality, I did about 70 days/year with the TA - so my 20 years would be about the same as 6 or 7 years regular service (other things being equal).   But I didn't get any increments, or pension.   And had a full time job elsewhere - and was liable to call-up.

There are several anomalies that could be ironed out but the bottom line is that doing so would cost money.


Our Regular brothers & sisters often, justly, make much of their long tours etc.  What you don't hear about is all the adventure training and other jollies that are available (to some).  Back in November I was on exercise and listened with interest as my Regular counterparts were planning skiiing trips to France and diving trips in the Red Sea.  Now I know that none of my civilian employers, past & present, ever had that as part of the employment package.
You should come here to BATUS and see all the TA FTRS on jollies. Not only do they get LSSA and LOA but they get the bounties as well.  They can serve for 42 months then return home for 2 weeks and then return for another 42 months.  They already sign their new contracts before their old ones run out.  Their earning more than the regular permenant staff.  Then they complain when we might have to work weekends, when that is all they would be doing in Uk.  All these regulars are gagging for a sunshine posting but they can't get it because of tours etc.  Yet the TA fill all the gaps.  They should be the ones on OP tours!
Good point Taff....

Now, if we could just persuade MOD to release more cash for training to bring us up to 3/4 regular speed for OP tours?

There are certainly enough TA personnel who WANT to do an OP tour, the only problem is, the amount of time they can take away on an FTRS type engagement
It should be noted that quite a number of those on FTRS are not "pure" TA.  Some are ex-Regulars who have never served with a TA unit.

With regard to getting a bounty whilst on FTRS - I must admit that is news to me.

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