Why so much hate?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Just seen a few hours of Jamie Oliver's "Pass it on" show. Wife brought up, and I have noticed as well, that many Brits absolutelyHATE this guy.WHy is that? Seems alright to me, noble pursuit and all....
  2. Have you tried any of his recipies.................they're bloody awful.
  3. I've never watched his programme - is he the chef with the mockney accent?

    If he's hated it's probably because he's young and being paid shed loads of cash to do something he enjoys.

    Thats usually enough to provoke a bit of vitriol.
  4. I would disagree, I like a lot of his stuff - the homicidal tendencies only start when he begins to talk.
  5. Because he is an utter bellend.
  6. post your best then.It might be something to do with him been a spoilt little tw@t born into the trade.(i am drunk). :oops:
  7. Probably the Sainsburys adverts didn't help either
  8. I was trying to be nice. :D
  9. Why? Coz he is a fcuking cockney, speech inpedimented, un-realistic wanker. Deliah Smith worked for years to make good food affordable for all and then this cnut comes along impressioning the minds of the young and nieve, making them buy food that they can ill afford to buy. Fooking turkey twizzlers whilst I find the thought of them horrible and would never myself purchase them, they are all some people can offord, the same goes for non-organic produce or processed foods, they aren't directly harmful to health they just aren't very ethical. He is like them fookin Jahova's Witnesses, pushing his preaching on people, like he is the fooking food messiah. I just think he is a self rightous c0ck who has no idea about real people.
  10. Yeah thats it. :lol:
  11. He isn't a proper Cockney, he is a bloody mockney.
  12. And dont get me on about his pig farming ,honey hunting give me everthing fcking Jimmy gobs saint mate. :x
  13. My favourite.Turn up pi$$ed and wait out. :wink: usually works but not tonight. :pissed: :hungry:
  14. I hate him because he is part of the pollitically aware elite.
    'Eat your greens or 253 polar bears are going to die through global warming' (Next week)
    Next week it will be 'don't eat your greens because out of 978 people questioned, 105% will die from Anal cancer.(True, my mate +++++++ told me so)
    He's just another piece of fluff stuck in the arrse cheeks of humanity.
    As an aside, I hate feckin loads of people, so no one should feel they are special. More than likely I hate you as well.
  15. I think you will find that the polar bears are dying of exhaustion trying to swim to to find food.Then turning up where man is and getting a bloody good round off.Wrong. :x