Why so much hate for CFAV's

Discussion in 'ACF' started by HMarmedforcesRM396, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. I have recently got back on to ARRSE. I haven't been on in a while as I had crossedflags and annual camp. I have seen on arrse that a lot of regs have been saying that cadet instructors are a bunch of walting paedophiles. Why do they hate them so much?
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  3. Just getting comfy for the train crash that this thread is about to become!
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  4. You are such a cynic! when has that ever happened before on here?
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  5. Normally the bullshit has happened by now.
  6. Mr_Fingerz

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    This really isn't going to end well is it?
  7. Wouldn't you hate walting paedophiles?
  8. Probably not.... I don't see why they would be annoyed at me. I'm just asking a simple question
  9. I should probably delete the thread as no one will answer the question, all I will get is a load of crap about me being a troll or mong or whatever it is now.

  10. **** me, passive aggressive. You belong on Mumsnet.
  11. There not walting paedophiles. At least, the ones in Hampshire and Isle of Wight acf aren't. There may be a few isolated incidents in other counties but that doesn't mean all CFAV's are paedophiles.
  12. As do half of the ******* on this website...
  13. Maybe you're ugly?
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  14. Or else they aren't a bunch of nonces like you regs are trying to make them look like?
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