Why so many walts!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by sapper_chalky, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. From all the other posts about walts, it takes me back to my days of Chatham and one student night out in the zone.
    Me and a few mates where at the bar when a bloke came over and asked us when the place got busy as he was there for his class 1 course. (surely you'd know if you've already been to chatham).
    Then he told us he was a para trained engineer, so we asked him what sqn. He told us "I can't tell you boys that"
    A few more situations like that came about, one of us asking him what his number was to try and out him even then he said "Ah you don't need to know"
    It was finally when we told him to produce his MOD 90 that he responded with "my what???"
    The guy didn't look back once as we laughed him out the door. Walting Cunt!
  2. A nice dit Chalky.

    Did you let him in your back eyes until his blessed release?

    If you did then you would have gained definitive proof that he was indeed an Engineer.
  3. This bloke was by no means an engineer, definately not a serving para trained sapper on his class 1 at that, his over sized gut was enough to tell that
  4. Chalky, it must be awesome being you.
  5. I wish I had some stories like that one :(
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  6. I drove through Chatham this morning,it's a shit hole isn't it?
  7. Yep, even more so now. Used to be some good nights out to be had, the women were gopping but willing. Now it is full of junkies and chav alkies.
  8. Poor chalky, yet another innocent poster who has fallen foul of the strict ARRSE pecking order when it comes to certain subjects. Your 20-odd posts just dont cut it mate.
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  9. I was chatting t a lad out side the local the other week, apparently a member of the 'Royal Parachute Regiment'.

    Why does no one ever walt as a Cook or or sparks or something?
  10. How fuckin dull is this thread.......

    I met a walt once as well, it was when I was....... fuck it I can't be arssed!
  11. I'm not a walt...

    I'm a banana.
  12. Fruit walt.
  13. Is Chalky your nickname?

    It's original. I've never heard it before.
  14. Thread Walt ?????