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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Griffo909, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. From what i read on these forums it seems that i am meant to recieve a letter saying that i am fully medically fit with no problems, i have not recieve any letter at all and it has been over 3 weeks since the ACIO receieved them from my doc, does it normally take this long?, and one more thing i have not yet had any interviews scheduled, im assuming that by now i should of but my recruiter hasnt said nothing about them, i am off on the look at life course on friday with my recruiter so is it possible that they will be scheduled after?....bit of a rant but i guess the answer i will get here is to ring him up.
  2. keep nagging, its what i did. mine took a good few weeks.
  3. They won't book any interviews until you've been medically cleared!

    Good luck!
  4. don't worry about it fella, mine took 6 weeks!!
  5. i just keep getting the feeling that they've 'forgot about me' but ill give my recruiter tomorrow, see if hes heard anything about my med docs :)
  6. Sorry to hijack your thread Griffo, but I was deferred for a heart murmur when I went to selection a few weeks ago.

    I've had an ECG at hospital and everything was fine according to the doctors, that was one week ago, will I receive a letter stating that I am fit for service and is there a chance I will be declined?

    Thanks for any help!
  7. i have been waiting about six weeks now my recruiter said the is a back log at lichfield
  8. In answer to your question first, it normally takes around a few weeks for the ADSC med wing to gt the info from the Bupa heart Specialists, they will then flag it up to the ACIO. Once this is done the Recruiter can put your records forward to allocations who will sort out when your starting basic(depending on your job you passed for it could be quite soon) Youll still be asked if you still want the job etc as before. Your Recruiters hands are tied until ADSC med have cleared you, so just wait out.

    Regarding you waiting over 3 weeks so far Griffo it can take between 3-5 weeks to here the news, I used to phone my applicants as soon as it came on the system to say they were medical suitable. There could be other reasons however, they could be sending you or GP the forms back if not completed properly or requiring further information. If there is a problem you could be waiting for a deferment period or your medical unsuitable.

    These people who say I kept phoning my recruite arent doing any good as the recruiter will let you know as soon as he does. Just keep waiting as the med people who do the forms also do all the medicals on the people who go down on their two day selection/ sort out deferrments, heart murmors etc so are extremely busy.