Why so long a wait?

Why is it that when the pay walla's in Glasgow owe you money, it takes months to get it, yet when you owe them money, they have it off you straight away! I have been waiting for my 8 year money for 4 months now, and keep getting told that it is pending and that I will receive it in a couple of weeks. This is the same excuse as the last 3 that I have had. A colleague of mine owed a months quarter charge which they had failed to take on time after his arrival, which they took straight out of his wages, but they still owed him his disturbance allowance. I know allowances are just that, allowances, but it is quite irritating when you get told you are getting something and then you don't get it for months cos' somebody can't be arrsed to sign it! Has anybody else had a similar problem or is it just me that this crap always happens to! :evil:
Still waiting for two weeks worth of back- pay from bloody march. Its no fecking laugh when you've got both a moneygrabbing, faceless University after you to bleed you dry, and all the above excuses keep pathetically filtering down frae Glasgea. Grr.

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