Why should we be responsible for jailing Charles Taylor

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geekboywonder, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Just reading the news on the bbc site and found this -


    My question is this -
    Why the f*ck should the british taxpayer have to pay to house this odious sh1t in one of our overcrowded jails?
    He should be banged up in a nice african hellhole and left to rot. i know why he's on trial in Sierra Leone (deployed on Op Silkman)
    and why the brit government agreed to go in and restore order. But when they caught Foday Sanko (apologies for incorrect spelling) he was banged up in Freetown. No-one wanted him shipped to blighty to avoid destabilising the region.

    am i alone in thinking this? do we have a duty to house all the scumbags from places that used to be british colonies?

    Thoughts please gentlemen

    gbw :?:
  2. Bang him up with charles bronson and put the ensureing ruck on pay per view .Should be able to recoup the cost .Or better still just kill him.
  3. Youe correct my friend, the good old British Empire comes back to haunt us all!!
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Who cares where he's locked up so long as he is? The real question is why he isn't going into the same place as the Serbs? They could have nice cosy chats about racial purity and ethnic cleansing. I'm sure they'd have a lot to talk about. And now that Slobodan's in his own personal circle of hell they must have a spare room

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  5. personally I'd rather charles ends up in one of our not particularly nice establishments rather than the hauge which seem more of the 5 star euro jail.
    anyone up for a game of gladiators ?
  6. Tone's probably worried that Chols may talk and incriminate old friends.
    Lock him up in Kraut land or Gitmo they're both good at Politically timed suicides.
  7. 70K PA to keep him locked up in the UK is Foreign Aid money well spent. In fact I can think of a few more people around the world that would be good for.

    However I think we would be better served with our own GITMO in British Indian Ocean Territory picture the scene.....

    Terrorist/war criminal : I know my rights bruv innit, I am entitled to a fair trial and loads of legal aid bleeding heart lawyers its in PACE innit

    Custody officer: That would be true if you were in the UK, however you are in BIOT, there's a state of emergency in BIOT, Habeaus Corpus has been suspended in BIOT, the guvner has ordered you be detained indefinatly in our unfortunatly uncomfortable and inadequate base at Camp Devils Island, sorry and all that ........ :twisted:
  8. Part of the UN resolution was to move the trial from Sierra Leone to the Hague, where the Special Court for Sierra Leone would carry on the trial. Part of the Dutch governments requirements was that Taylor would be jailed somewhere other than Holland. The UK stepped up, I expect, because it was the old colonial power.
  9. Taylor is currently sitting in Scheveningen enjoying the rather comfortable delights that until recently were enjoyed by Slobodan.
  10. I think the reason is that they don't want his remaining supporters kicking off outside the trial.

    We could see if ARRSE could go and visit him!