Why should the gunners have all the fun?

CRmeansCeilingReached said:
Wench3000 said:
184,500 points. What a waste of my time. Its just a rich man's version of Pocket Tanks, but without the cool weapon upgrades.
you had fun though, admit it :)

miserable git
CR take no notice of him he's probably having problems with his whippet or pigeons or else he's run out of tripe.
34,800 but I blame my poor score on the pop up advert for 'support to the fuller figured lady' which completely ruined my concentration.
A real gunner would not be distracted by such pop-ups; we don't invite Norland Nannies and Odstock nurses to the YOs annex for the good of our health you know, it is merely a desisensitisation process!
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