Why Should I Stay in?

Discussion in 'REME' started by greasyoik, Feb 27, 2005.

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  1. As a REME VM I have often worked overtime when the regiment i work for have all left the tank/gun park, when i get posted from a unit who has just been on tour i go to unit who are gearing up for a tour. I watch others around me get time off for sport or adventure training while i get told we have too much work on for me to get any down time. so where are the positives to life in the REME? I know there muse be some but as i'm once again away from my family and on over time it's pretty hard to find them.
  2. Overtime? In the Army??
  3. I agree with you. My last unit was LWC BG LAD, which was a very busy LAD. Excercises 24/7, which was fine, but there was no light at the end of the tunnel. We fixed a warrior/tank/43's/CVRT, just for it to be replaced by another that had reecently been trashed. I've been out for a year now, and I'm chuffed to bits with Civ Div. All I can say is don't sign off on a whim, make sure you've got an idea what you want to do, and research all possibilities before you leave.

    Best of luck
  4. smudge were you an Armr? i was at LWTC 1999-2002 (top of the hill proper jobs) and agree with all your comments, ive been out a few months now and agree, for gods sake dont leave on a whim, make sure financial arrangements are sorted ie. no debts whatsoever. that way you can afford to get a lower salary to start with. cos if you have been in over 8-9 yrs it will be.

    i was a VM(A) in REME and totally appreciate what the first post is saying, most get the job done with no fuss therefore the powers that be think there is not much of a problem with undermanning. maybe the only way is to stop acheiving the goals, that way you have to make a point? i now this will never happen tho as people will not want to let themselves down and we are a proud corps, time a lot realised what REME does for them

    catch 22

    and very bad :x :x
  5. Why should you stay in? Because you're needed. VMs are chronically undermanned as you know; just because the REME rubs you in all the sh*t in creation and then expects you to like it and sign an affidavit affirming your love for the Corps and your intenton to go tiffy, never question the latest barking dictat from DEME(A), kiss ring all the way to LE and then be RCMO in a REME Bn where you can give this answer to anyone who comes in your door, just because of all that, don't you have any loyalty to your Corps?
    Hang on...
  6. Quite right - why should you. Feck off!
  7. Army Surplus Special, yes I was an Armr. I would've been there when you were there. I ended up at the top of the hill with Recce in the end.
  8. Anyway, it's not a career it's an adventure! (this must be true, a bloke told me in a pub and he had a flat cap and a whippet and everything)
  9. I was looking for positives any one got any?
  10. ROFPML - You wish!
  11. All the swarfega any man could ever want? :wink:
  12. I always said that I would leave when I wasn't enjoying itr anymore. I stopped being enthusiastic about the army at my 9 year point but had to spend another 3 years to get the pension done and dusted for my future.
    If you are not enjoying the army anymore then leave. Don't struggle on in the hope it might get better because chances are it won't. As others have said though, make sure you are ready for civ-div when you leave (debts cleared etc).
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Quite true and it applies for all arms. If you no longer enjoy it then perhaps even a change as in a posting wont help. I would have stayed in if a certain Major hadnt blocked a 12 month stint driving stabs around in Somerset. Doesnt mean that I would have lasted much longer on my return but it would have meant that the unit wasnt as chronically undermanned as it was when I left. Rifle platoons made of 18 men all ranks is not what I consider to be close to strength. Your dream will fade hopefully to be replaced with a nicer new one. If that dream is in Civdiv then I'm afraid so be it. I was lucky that then it was almost impossible as a single soldier to rack up big debts. I left owing my mate £50 towards my PVR I did settle up and an overdraft of over £200. Big debt then.
  14. I bet when you do get time off you go and sit in your room on your own with all your mates and play on your play station like a saddo! Why should the army give you time off? your only going to waste it w**king off in your room with your 10 year old porn mags! Get a life! Stay in or sign off, but stop bloody whinning!
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Easy tiger thats my current job description youre giving out.