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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Wija, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. Herion woman

    "She was dying from heroin addiction when I interviewed her in July 2006. The 27 year old from Ballymun in Dublin had been caught up in the grips of drug abuse for 14 years and she didn't have the strength to fight her demons anymore."

    Why not let her die then. I jst don't understand why people like this think they are owed help!
  2. You really are a short sighted idiot.

    I don't condone the use of drugs and abhore users. However the fact remains that it is a problem and won't go away. Dealing with people like her is cheaper than detecting the crime, having a court case and punishing them.

    I'm not being 'fluffy' here just understanding whats going on and where our taxes are used.
  3. Yes I read it FFS.. I am asking however, why when she was still ramming H in her veins that she feels the need for anyone to help her but herself.

    And to the "idiot" she would have been dead in weeks if not less if they had left the scabbing slag. Oh she is all saintly now though because she survived.

    I would also point out it is in Ireland, not the UK so wouldn't actually be my tax money being wasted, but the priciple is - why should she expect help? Who was putting the sh1t into her veins - you or I - NO.

    "Have you read it......" My fcuking god! Oh and Dingerr.... are you so short sighted to see it is actually in Ireland. Or is BATARSSE south of Newry these days?

  4. I have met and treated ex Gulf War veterans who are overdosing on heroin. Totally messed up by their service with a genuine death wish. Did he deserve to be left to die?

    Some users are genuine scrotes, some have a life history I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

    I'd help both types because it's the right thing to do.
  5. W72 is overlooking (I'll be kind and attribute his attitude to this rather than his being a idiot) the effects of addiction. It is this that is at the heart of the drug problem and indeed any other addiction be it smoking, coffee drinking or - even - sex. It is just that heroin is stronger.
  6. No i didn't read it, but i saw the report on sky and you would be surprised how much of your tax money goes to Ireland - unless of course you're a scummy doley!

    She didn't expect help she just asked for it, she still had to do a lot of hard work herself. Have you never asked for help?

    I bet there are somethings you have been involved in drink/smoking/driving/legal implicated were you have not had to pay for someone helping you and has therefore been covered by taxes.

    It is in our best interests to help drug users if they wish to reform.
  7. I used to have quite a narrow view on drug addiction, but then I spent a morning in a drug abuse clinic. It's so easy to call these people scum, but when you hear about some of the stuff they've been through, how they got into it, and the obstacles in their way to stop them getting off it (aside from the chemical addiction aspect), you change your mind very quickly.

    The majority of people I met were canny, intelligent people, and trying hard to break the habit. One girl I met was holding down 3 jobs, plus volunteering at a needle exchange, and she was about to start a diploma. And there was the ex-soldier who'd been medically discharged and didn't know what to do outside of the army. And what about the lass who's scraped together all she could so she could move to the USA and get away from the heroin?
    Go and meet some of these so called 'scum' before you pass judgement on them. Just because you've been lucky enough to be where you are, it's all a roll of the dice. Anyone can end up homeless, anyone can end up in a bad situation. Get out of your own arrse and take a rather large humility pill. In the end these reformed addicts probably show rather more strength of character than you have.
  8. Wija is entitled to his view - wrong though it may be - he is still entitled to it.
  9. Because a person with problems need our help no matter who they are or where they come from how can we judge people when we have not been in the position ourselves .
    Also no one knows what is around the corner and the only thing you can do is help and treat people the best we can .

  10. You need help and I'm sure no one on here would take a slash on you if you were on fire.

    I'd love to treat you.

    Spaz 12 from 5 yards should do it.
  11. Please keep on topic. Personal sniping will be deleted.


  12. Can I ask where I called anyone scum?

    As Dingerr has pointed out we are entitlied to our views.

    My view is someone who is basically two hits from death is not worth saving.

    That is my view.

    As for going to see addicts/recovering addicts, I am sorry but I have more than enough going on in my life to keep me happy, content and - not doing illegal drugs!

    Selfish eys, but I won't be another statistic in this Governments agenda to take liberty away from the people of this country.

  13. I thought I was offering sound advice. ;)