Why Russia Spies

Just a heads up really, to those who are interested:

I listened to a fascinating BBC R4 documentary entitled 'Why Russia Spies' which seems to reveal that the whole thing is back on - the Bears are in the Air, the number of full time spies masquerading under diplomatic cover in the UK is back at the Cold War level of 50% of embassy staff, and the fun and games with submarines have started again in earnest.

Lots of good interviews with the very recently retired head sheds of SIS, MI5, etc and current members of submarine and air intercept units.

All very interesting so I thought I'd point it up.

Can't do links with what I am writing on at the moment, but if you are interested in this sort of thing tracking it down under 'documentaries' on the BBC's R4 web page and listening to it on I Player shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

It is being re-broadcast at 1700 tomorrow (sun) on R4 FM only.

Well worth a listen.
If they'd ever really stopped, that was bloody silly of them. How else would they have known what we wanted them to think we wanted them to think we were thinking?
Somethings never change, they spy on us we spy on them, somebody gets caught, the corresponding government deny its one of theirs, then there is swap..........rinse and repeat

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