Why people may use a "racist" term for a Pakistan national

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gobbyidiot, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Obviously there's a BBC dancer in the sh*t at the minute for this. In a lot of jobs making this kind of remark is your worst nightmare - I've come close a number of times. Now I was thinking, there's a good language-based reason why this happens. Your brain encodes language rules.

    Who comes from Afghanistan? Afghans.

    Who comes from Turkmenistan? Turkmen.

    Who comes from Kazakhstan? Kazakhs.

    Who comes from Uzbekistan? Uzbeks.

    Who comes from Tajikistan? Tajiks.

    So now, quickly, without thinking about it, tell me who comes from Pakistan?
  2. Zaheer Abbas?
  3. Dirty stinking scum? :)

    I know what you're getting at but over the decades the term 'Paki' has been used as a derogatory term. As such when heard by most it is deemed offensive whether it is meant otherwise or not. The media will jump on anything like this as at the end of the day in this sad day and age it is BIG news to those who go out of their way to jump on the 'racist' bandwagon.
  4. Pakistani's

    And the fella's who run my local curry house
  5. [​IMG]

  6. That queer out of Eastenders?
  7. Not me.
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Bob Marley, although I may be mistaken.

    Anybody up for a chinky.
  9. Idiot. Bob Martley was Spanish.
  10. Chaka Khan?

    Though I too could be mistaken.

    Game on for a chinky though.
  11. My pal did that one with his (now ex) girlfriend.

    "Did you enjoy your meal, sir?"

    "God, aye adjusts waistband. This is just what Perth needed; a good Ch........"
  12. Who makes you watch Eastbenders?
  13. I fancy the Paki.

  14. Paks?

    I've heard phrases like 'Pak Army is etc;'



    Who fücking cares as long as it's not 'Packies out' daubed on a wall by the Local BNP supporting fück knucles as was the case a few streets away from me. And oddly, there arent any pakistanis for miles. (So it's working then?)
  15. Pakistanis

    Oh.....I know what what you're getting at, you're trying to make out word Paki isnt at all offensive arnt you?