Why Pay 2000 levels will not be reviewed

Edited: table no longer available, so i have listed the percentage increse between the highest level of 1 rank to the lowest level of the next.

Considering that Pay 2000 was implemented for Officers and OR's, why is it that you only hear OR's complaing about it?

If you imagine that each person does the maximum time possible in each rank before promotion (they go from the highest pay level of a rank to the lowest pay level of the next rank up) then this table shows you the percentage pay rise that you would receive under the new scales for 2006/2007.

You can see that soldiers pay is actually minus percentages between ranks, whereas officers pay receives a rise of between 4.76 and 20.2 percent! Additionally between 2Lt and Major there are 15 levels to go through but how many officers take 15 years to reach Major (answer is none as they would be retired at Captain after 15 years), so this further adds to their already massive increases as they move up the ranks.

The fact that there are minus percentages between the OR scales means that on every promotion you are forced to receive the basic 2% increase.

Pay 2000 levels will only be reviewed if senior officers force the review, but under this system why would they?

Colonel to Brigader 8.52%
Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel 4.76%
Major to Lieutenant Colonel 17.19%
Captain to Major 5.92%
Lieutenant to Captain 15.94%
2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant 20.20%

Warrant Officer 2 to Warrant Officer 1 -2.71%
Staff Sergeant to Warrant Officer 2 -3.56%
Sergeant to Staff Sergeant 0.07%
Corporal to Sergeant -1.28%
Lance Corporal to Corporal -4.66%
Private to Lance Corporal -8.83%

These differences bring about the truley outragous situations for ORs where a lower rank is paid more than his superior, who has more responsibility! Unfortunately officer are never in the position where the Maj earns more than the Lt Col, i wonder why?
surely you cannot be suggesting tha OR's get screwed over on promotion payments so that they may pay orificers more cash for those early promotions that they do not have to earn!!!!
Ah well just reinforces the them and us attitude. Considering that they have the greatest influence on our pay not surprising that they dealt themselves the best cards again. Couldn't see a Brigadier being paid less than a Colonel just because they are on varying levels, however it is ok for Cpls to be paid more than Sgts.

Talk about incentive to get promoted if you had a 20% pay rise waiting. Instead the SNCO and JNCO gets increased responsibilty, doubling of workload, more expenses and longer hours, all for the measly 2%.

The AFPRB is stil quoting figures from 2003-2004 to base its reccomendations on the X factor. Would like to see the percentage figures for personnel on operations broken down into key pinch points as i am sure there are plenty of REME, RE and R Sig personnel who dont feel that only 12.5% of personnel are deployed, unless you count the fact that the support trades breach harmony yr on yr.

Nothing like a good whinge to clear your sinuses. :lol: :wink:

PS Lucky we continue to have such professionals, who continue to prove why the British Armed Forces are the best, and i dont think they do it just for the money!!!!
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