Why ow why have they taken my Circuit tester off me?

Discussion in 'REME' started by shut_cint, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. It's happerning to us all they say, CQMS said just do it D&ck Head! but no one can tell me why we are handing them. Hate my self for asking. But since the army deemed it a good idea to mag to grid sparkies how can i fault find my faults not? and no a bulb is not up to the job.
  2. Might be cos the ET changed, and your getting a replacement type ?
  3. Its in the public domain now.


    Make way for Richard North and the Daily Mail outrage bus
  4. A bulb is actually better for finding out if u have voltage, granted its useless for continuity. Those poxy circuit testers really were crap anyway. You need a decent multimeter (AND a test light)
  5. Taken them off every tradesman or just the shit ones that didnt know how to use them. I dont use a bulb and wire but a test lamp, if u take a bulb and wire u can make one, there very useful.
  6. how can i check for resistence down a harnes or threw the "box"
  7. Far too much effort, 1043 it.
  8. still not sure why the took it off me, like most things went down to diy shop and bought one so no biggy just wandered why?
  9. A bulb


    A lamp


    Now you know why they made a mistake getting rid of sparkies, the rest of you dont know the difference between a plant and a light.
  10. They found out you're colour-blind?
  11. Did they take them in as they were all outside their yearly calibration and therefore had to be sent off to the Cal Lab by any chance?