Why only 22 years?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by here_be_mike, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi all just a quick question. Why is there a 22 year cut off for the army? I don’t understand why somebody who enlists at 18 is asked to leave at 40 while somebody else can join at 25 and leave at 47. I know LE is a possibility but to stay in longer but that’s not an option everybody wants. Is this a throw back to days gone by when people weren’t as fit and healthy in their elder years? Seems a bit silly if that’s the case to throw away so much experience when the army is currently low on numbers.
  2. If you are under the impression that people are fitter in their elder years now than they used to be, then you are very much mistaken. LE commissioning is not the only way of serving beyond 22yrs, how about Long Service List (LSL) and career cntinuance to name but 2?
  3. With the new engagement it's gone up to 24 years, and some capbadges (AGC for example) is bringing in contracts so you can stay in until you're 55.
  4. 22 years will be long enough for me thanks.
  5. So how come you can now serve until you are 55 if you join at the upper end of the recruitment age? Now 33.

    This could potentially mean that quite a large amount of soldiers will be serving when they are over 50.

    You can still only do 22 years but the potential upper age has moved by a good 7 years.
  6. No offence but this has been done to death on here. There are plans to extend service beyond 22 years for a lot of Corps/Arms. Try searching for VEng (versatile engagement).
  7. There speaks someone who has never done infantry work with 40 year old joints with 22 years worth of service life abuse (to the joints)....
  8. Yeah ill happily admit that I have no experience of it. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be front line combat roles. Surely there’s training and rear echelon roles they can filled, better use of their experience and it lets others get to the front to gain their own experience. I’m asking to learn not voice an opinion.

    GrumpyGit - What I meant by yonder year was in the region of early 1900s! Life expectancy back then was a lot lower than now, along with poorer health. Not logical to assume that a 40 year old now is healthier than back then? This is assuming of course that this is rule is dating back to then rather than one introduced in say the 1980's. I wasn't aware of the other systems

    floppyjocky - Sorry I didn’t bother to search before hand, didn’t realise this had been asked before as I thought it wasn't your standard question that’s going to pop up every 2 minutes i.e. "How do I join the SAS yee-haw"
  9. Quote..........
    "So how come you can now serve until you are 55 if you join at the upper end of the recruitment age? Now 33"..........

    to state the obvious!............cos' there are big problems with recruiting

    .....I joined at 15 and left when I was 47!.....now I'm one of those "useless civvy things"!!
  10. I think it is more to do with attitude. After 20 yrs I found I and most of my peers became cynical gits and was pretty tired of it.