Why Old Britains Time Is Up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gun_Empty, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Interesting and with some valid points, about the Thatcher years! However i would be more likely to say that the ethos of spin under 'New Labour' rather than Diana Princess of Wales, had a greater effect! On the value of building society rather than making it dysfunctional!
  2. Never read such tripe in my life - Diana wasn't everybodys' cup of tea - certainly not mine. But blaming Maggie - WTF. She temporarily gave us something of the old spirit we once had - the spirit that had been gradually rotted away by creeping Socialism.
  3. I agree - and whilst I recognise that most political speeches are hogwash I still enjoy the following:

    "When we started out, there were the waverers and the fainthearts. The people who thought ... we could no longer do the great things which we once did. Those who believed our decline was irreversible - that we could never again be what we once were ... People who in their heart of hearts had their secret fears that Britain was no longer the nation that had built an Empire and ruled a quarter of the world.

    Well they were wrong. The lesson of the Falklands is that Britain has not changed ...

    Yet why does it need a war to bring out our qualities and reassert our pride? Why do we have to be invaded before we thrown aside our selfish aims ... This really is the challenge we as a nation face today. We have to see that the spirit of the South Atlantic - the real spirit of Britain - is kindled not only by war but can now be fired by peace ... Britain has found herself again in the South Atlantic and will not look back from the victory she has won."

    Can't imagine Bliar or Broon having the opportunity nor patriotism to mirror that!
  4. Totally agree RM. Utter nonsense. Maggie put the Great back in Britain for a few years, presided over two [?] military events where she personally supported the troops and made sure that the nation at large did too.
    She gave Europe and Regan a good handbagging for good measure.

    What we have now isn't fit to lick a pair of discarded DMS.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Diana and Charles - jury still out on Charles - especially considering he married a neurotic bint who wasn't up to the job.

    Maggie Thatcher - leave her alone you big mouthed fcuktard!!!!!!!
  6. Whilst supporting these two postings 100% it is significant that even Maggie in her quoted speech felt it necessary to say, "Yet why does it need a war to bring out our qualities and reassert our pride? Why do we have to be invaded before we thrown aside our selfish aims .."

    Isn't this at the heart of the public attitude towards our Servicemen & women today? There is shabby political leadership that committed ill-equipped, overstretched and underpaid British service personnel to Iraq on the basis of lies about WMD's. Most senior politicians have a greater comitment to self-agrandisment than to patriotism. It's surely time for a change? :rage:
  7. Yes. Where is guy fawkes when you need him? (That would get rid of the opposition too hopefully)
  8. I can understand the sentiment, however, Guy Fawkes only succeeded in getting himself terminated if my history is recalled accurately. :twisted:
  9. You know, I was just thinking of editing it to add "only this time do it right", but I thought, "no one will be so picky". Ah well.
  10. He's reporting the dirt on our shambles of a government...and the opposition here
  11. And a fine job he's doing on that score. BTW JK the quote you used was from Ex-REME. :relax: