Why oh Why ???

Discussion in 'REME' started by ASBO_OR_ARMY, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick question.
    What is the point of staying in the REME anymore???
    Gone are the days when we used to be the hardest workers and the hardest players all we ever seem to do these days is work and work harder!!!
    The only reason i can think of to stay in the corps is to go Tiffy put then i would be a pen pusher!! (no offence intended)
    The thing that grips me most and im starting to sound like a broken record now, is that when we are doing all these extra hours all these wednesday and friday afternoons where is the regiment ???
    i know there all of having a jolly!!!
    If anyone has any idea's please let me know. :?:
  2. So been in 6 years and already you are reminiscing about the good old days?

    Good luck in whatever Corps/Regt you are off to, you've had your whinge now close the door on the way out
  3. It was actually a question about why i should stay in and not transfer!!
    And when i refer to the old days what i should of said was all the good old days which half the forums in this place refer to !!!
  4. Sorry was that Taxi for me? Elaborate more then start slagging.

    Why should you stay? Well do you think it will be better anywhere else?

    On the work hard play hard post you've already said that you've put your papers in for transfer so what is it you're really after? An old sweat to say please please please stay 'cos that aint gonna happen.

    Everyone is working hard, everyone is overstretched. Maybe some regiments are knocking off whilst the LAD/Wksp work, unfortunately thats indicative in units with weak REME top brass but its certainly not the norm throughout the Army.
  5. Yes i have put my papers in and yes i have been accepted for transfer but before i finialise it i want to if there is anything or any reason that i should stay in!!
    As for it not being the same army wide how come everyone i have spoken to in my trade is saying the same thing as me ??
    And yes i do think it will be better elsewhere!!
  6. What are you transferring too?
  7. RAVC as a dog trainer and before you take the piss its what i wont to do when i get out !!
  8. Liam - are you sure the dog handlers are having any better time of it than we are? I know a few guys in a Military Working Dog unit not far from here and they are threaders with tours etc.

    As for the work hard play hard thing, i think thats firmly down to your top brass wanting to look good at your expense. The unit i am with have just about every sports afternoon off and after CO's PT at noon on Fri we knock off for the weekend, and thats a REME unit. If the bosses want to work on Wed / Fri afternoons they have to get clearance from the top man, which usually stops them even asking.
  9. I can appreciate that it is down to the top brass but when everyman and jack is saying its REME wide with exemption of yourself then what am i to go for??
    I know the dogs is what i want and i cant wait to go dont get me wrong im not complaining about the hard graft im complaining about the fact that im grafting for some mugs who dont give 2 hoots about the fact that we are working overtime just to get there kit on the road !!!
  10. we always work harder than the parent regiment that we are attached to.thats the reme,s job when they stop working we start repairing,its the same on exercise if you can,t hack it your best bet is to transfer.
  11. You stay REME because you want to be REME, sounds like your thinking of a career for when you leave more than your career when your in.
  12. I'm sorry to say that i can sympathise. The days of work hard play hard seem a distant memory. With the current pace of life there is very little time for the play hard. The extra hours have always been there but there used to be reward for hard work unfortunately now there doesnt seem to be the scope for this reward. Whether its down to the management having to make the most of over-stretched and under manned units or just the operational commitments it does appear that something is going wrong. Unfortunately people only take heed of this when it gets to breaking point and by that time it is far too late. Adventure training used to be a good outlet for the guys to blow off steam but it has now become yet more time away in an all too busy schedule. As for an answer increased manning and less operational commitments but lets face it that will nrver happen.
  13. Liam

    Who is this wonderful regiment you are attached to? Sounds a lot like where I'm at!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Sorry , posted in wrong thread
  15. If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined.....