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Why, oh why, oh why...

Has the stainer adopted a policy of placing HIDEOUS backdrops to its front cover?

Its gay.

Also, will 8 Regt Officers be getting their crates in for being on the cover..? :twisted:
luke said:
The cover is excused due to the totty shown abseiling on the page about 25 Trg Support Regt, sha-wing!
I would have liked to have been on the ground below her, it seems that she might have been giving all below quite an eyeful. 8O

On a serious note though & still on the subject of the Spunkstainer...........I think I mentioned this in another thread, however it deserves mention here as well.

How come the Corps rag didn't have a write up on Capt K Ivison...................many other MoD publications managed it.......even Focus.

Come on editorial team, sort yer admin out!!! :x

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