Why Obama Cant Lose

So Barack Obama has been in the hotseat for 4 months now. And has the US changed...well not really. But Obama was onto a winner as soon as he came into power because, well basically how could it have been much worse?
The US was ( is) fighting two unpopular wars.
The global recession...although the US caught the very start of it.

We all remember the speeches Bliar gave us in 1997( God help us now), and we all saw the promises made to America during the elections last year.

Ronald Reagan was one of the USAs most popular Presidents of recent times, making peace with Russia and ended the cold war, even making Gorbachev a kind of hero with the American people.

Aswell as good old Bill Clinton, another popular president ( despite the Lewinsky dramas), who manged to avoid a war with Iraq and was great at negotiating with world leaders to avoid military conflict.....shame good old George didnt do the same.

I dont know what Obama will be like..at the moment I like the guy, and I was in the States recently and most people were still optermistic with the arrival of a man who could make the country/ Globe a better place.

But somehow I dont think he'll do a bad job, because I dont see how he can in comparison. Any signs of improvement in the USA will make Obama look good, so either way hes onto a winner.

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