Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hurrahfortheRE, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Do I find myself having to reject another medal because of mis-spelling, it's not that I think people are infalable to mistakes BUT!!!!!, when I got the first one spelt wrong I politely said to my Sqn Clerk, " can you re-order my medal there has been a mistake, MY NAME IS SPELT *******"etc I get the second one with exactly the same spelling on it.

    Now can the said individual be AGAI'd for this, as if a bloke under my command did such a simple thing as copying one word from one peice of paper to another I'd do more than AGAI him, but you can't touch clerks cause the break and cry.

    Any suggestions.
  2. Why not contact the Medals Office helpline. They should be able to tell you what is written on the application form from your unit, so at least you will be able to determine whose fault the cock-up is.
  3. Why not change your name?

    Seriously, I've never had it on a medal but I have people spelling and pronouncing my name wrong all of the time. I even had my Pl Sgt once try to tell me that it was me that couldnt say my name right. Idiot.
  4. If I had an obscure name it wouldn't be so bad but it is a tooth and nails bonafide British name, thats what pi55es me off more. 7 letters 7 furkin letters thats all
  5. try changing it to mustaphah then I bet they will get it right
  6. Just a thought - have you confirmed that it is the clerk's fault??? We have receieved quite a few medals for individuals with names spelt wrong, incorrect Regt/Corps and incorrect numbers - the applications in each case have been 100% - I'm not saying that in your case the clerk is not to blame and, if so should be held to account but please confirm the details before lynching him/her!!!
  7. Absolutely, I think you should AGAI them. Them bloody clerks, they think they know everything. Need shooting the lot of them.

    Good job they are not a bloke under your command, they would be trembling with fear now. What exactly do you AGAI your blokes for? I would be shaking in my boots if I crossed you.

    Get a fucking life. There are worse things that can happen than someone getting your surname wrong on a medal. Like you didn't survive to get the medal. What was it for anyway?

    P.S. PM me, I will AGAI you for your spelling.
  8. Difference is I firkin learn from my mistakes, how simple is it? But as you are defending the said "Mong" I can understand your answer, if you can't do your job it effects the operational effectiveness of the army= AGAI useless cnuts everything they touch goes wrong never met a good one roll on JPA at least you can fcuk your own pay up then.

    I've never AGAI'd anyone, but thanks for your comment. From you reply it just shows the complete lack of professionalism I've come to expect from the "clerks". You have made up my mind AGAI is the only was to treat the scum of our army.

    You AGAI people for spelling on a forum you tw*t.

    So much for advice
  9. Jesus H. Christ! We've gone from mispelling on a medal to 'scum in our army' to AGAIs being thrown about left, right and centre in just 8 short posts!

    Simply give the clerk an ear bending and that should do it.
  10. Can you AGAI people for a sense of humour failure?
  12. What works exactly my friend? :thumleft:
  13. Nothing with the AGC 10%ers, tried and tried!
  14. My advice to you is to actually do your MATTs. i.e. MATT 6 Equality and Diversity. Operational Effectiveness part of the Service Test. In my, little tiny mind, is this fucking with operational effectiveness, or are you a tad pissed off that someone got your name wrong?

    Either way, get a life, you bore me and are probably a stiffed over full screw in the TA. (No offence to the TA).
  15. I think you're right on that last one Dale. He's fcuk all else to whine about except the spelling on his LS&GC. Maybe his boots are too tight or something more drastic.