Why not?

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by zimchaz, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Any Rhodies/Zimbos on here, I pose the question...with the obvious shortcomings within the ZRP and lack of adequate training in the Zim army,(ie;IA drills on their part towards a threat) why has no one yet used the marksmanship principles to good effect against Uncle Bob and dropped him yet?As we all know everyone has an uncle or grandfather that can pull off a headshot on a running springbok from 1000 yards,(far enough away to make a clean getaway) so whats the problem?
  2. Pointless. They'll just end up with someone as dodgy as Mad Bob again, if not worse. Also not worth giving the generals another excuse to act like *****.
  3. Because the ****** ensures a secure perimeter of 3km (apparently the maximum distance a sniper has had a confirmed kill) when he's in the open. And what Lardbeast mentions - replace a ****-wit with another ****-wit.