Why not give it a try - free meditation days and tasty lunch - 27/03 and 17/04/11

Ladies and gentlemen in the Forces and ex-Service veterans,
We still have places free for you on two meditation days for service people and combat veterans in London. This meditation work has started off very well with the Surf Action veterans PTSD group in Cornwall (see Surf Action Org), and we have combat veterans, and active serviceman and a military surgeon coming along on Sunday in London, to learn some stress relief and relaxation practices and to share a bit about the effects of their military experience in their emotional and family lives. This is useful stuff and a tasty lunch is thrown in. If you are interested in meditation as a possible tool to contribute to your well-being, please get along and join these days. Places are free of charge but please do get in touch with us to book, to let us know you are coming. Need to know how many to cook for! Go to: London Meditation Project | Peace of Mind: Meditation Events
Call 020 89809289
Neuroscientific evidence as to the benefits of meditation, and UK veterans' testimonials:

Meditation really can change the brain, study finds:
Meditation really can change the brain, study finds

"It is good - it helps me with all the that things I have been bottling up for years on end. I feel it is helping a lot and I feel a little bit better after each session. We should learn it from day one to help with the PTSD"
Veteran, Northern Ireland

"I think meditation could help me and other combat veterans with managing memories and triggers, and with sleep and relaxation. I have found the meditation teaching very clear and the most important thing about the sessions is the relaxation and calmness. I found the meditation useful, relaxing, and it was good to have other thoughts."
Veteran, Iraq and Afghanistan

"Meditation can help you relax and come to terms with yourself. All the parts of the session are helpful in their own part - quiet time, learning new relaxation and meditation skills, open discussion, and being together in an atmosphere of trust. I am enjoying the practices and I would definitely recommend this to other veterans."
Veteran, Northern Ireland