Why not a part-time ITC?

I've done a search and couldn't find a match, so here is todays question:

Why can ITC's not be run over 3 or 4 weekends? If Special Constabularies can train a person part time in the theory and application of policing, how come a CTT need a residential week?

I whinge because I have been a PI for virtually 2 years and because of work, family and administrative confusion can't get on a course.

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The ITC is run as a residential course in line with its equvilents in the TA The TA recruits course is 2 weeks (apart from weekends).I would say that The ITC is a small price to pay to prove yourself competent to train cadets and be placed in a position of responsibility with Rank so to be honest I find the" can I do the ITC over weekends "a bit of a cop out

The Idea is to place you in a controlled pressured environment to monitor your progress,It is simply not viable timewise for you to be taught the same course over some weekends with no continuity of instructors or development.
Try asking a regular or TA soldier what he had to do for his stripes and see what response you get.

Of course you could always take the accelerated promotions course and join the Army!

Took me 22 years Pte to Capt and approx 8 block courses to get promoted over that time! So think on and consider your whinge carefully.

You want it badly enough you will find a way to get there and get qualified - you make it happen no one else!

You obviously know the required standard meet it or consider your cadet career options :)

Hope this helps and good luck, sometimes wish I had taken the easier route to get rank on my arm! Looking back though glad I earnt it the hard way :)

our ctt used to do the training over 5 weekends but stopped it about 7 years ago, they would split it up into 1 weekend drill, 1 skill at arms 1 moit, 1 fieldcraft and 1 map and compass, the problems arose when an adult missed a weekend and would have to wait at least upto 6 months for the next time that subject was getting taught(if they could make it second time round),

the result was lots of adults who had completed 3 or 4 weekends and were waiting ages to complete the itc or you would get the camp rats who would just refuse to go on the fieldcraft weekend etc, thats when our ctt changed it to a 10 day course and they are even running a itc at our annual camp so adults dont need to take any extra time off their work
I had the same problem when it was time to do my ITC, many years ago. In the end I took annual leave, unpaid, as it was the only way I could get the time to do it. I got paid for the course so was not out of pocket, and looking back, i'm glad i attended the course. The nature of it means you wouldn't get the same experience if it was done over several weekends. Bearing in mind it's geared towards civilians who are going to be youth leaders, it's arguably a hard course, in a non physical way, but the idea is to weed out those who want to prance around with stripes on, making themselves look big in front of cadets. Sadly one or two slip through the net, but a good CTT ensures that 99.9% are OK
I fully accept all the points, but you can't have it both ways and compare an AI to regular or TA SNCOs only when you want to. I fully accept that it takes years to get to Sgt but we're not sergeants, never going to be. The rank is worn, not held.

Compare us to real soldiers now, but remind us that we're not in other threads. I can't see that to a real soldier a one week course makes us any more credible than a few weekends.
So, what do you do for annual camp? It might be (as it is with most) that you have to sacrifice one or both weeks of Annual Camp and attend the ITC - better use of time IMHO.

Also fast forward to Frimly AI'S and KGVI which are both week long residential Courses.

We go into this job with our eyes open and know the committment that we have to put in.

Some ITC are 1 week long which is a reduction from the 2 week fun and games that i had to do.
In the end I took annual leave, unpaid, as it was the only way I could get the time to do it. I got paid for the course so was not out of pocket
in the end I think that you will have to bite the bullet and go for a week, after all it's what everyone else has to do and i my opinion it is a better way of doing the course for the reasons quoted
problems arose when an adult missed a weekend
I have been told that my sector does it like this:

16 Evenings, Weds, at a Central Training centre. Approx 36-40 hours of training= 1.5 days

3 weekends, of 48 hrs duration=6 days. One weekend is classroom, one range, one field.

7.5 days? Almost a full week.

Mind you, I still can't get on a course and the last scheduled one was cancelled due to resignation of the OC. The JIs also have a habit of coming out at the last minute, so booking leave at work is not always possible.

I think my sector finds that this helps with recruitment, and reduces paid days training (Evenings only get mileage@ 26.2p per mile or PTR)
C'mon, it's hardly challenging is it, if you've spent two years as a PI it should be a piece of p1ss. Just take a week off work (unpaid leave if you like) and accept the pittance that the ACF pay you for the week. The fail rate is low, very low - just do it! then you can "wear" the rank, you may possibly "wear" it better than some of the tossers that are "wearing" it now!

our county usually run 2 per year, one over easter (4days) plus a weekend either after or before

and 1 over annual camp 1 week

they used to run one over 5 weekends but due to low attendance they canned it!
I done a week long ITC and have recently completed my AI's course too. I believe the ITC should be a week long residential course as it then provides a good benchmark for everyone. It is something that all Adult Instructors will have in common.
Lets also not forget that we are all volunteers so being an instructor should be fun for us as well as fun for the cadets and I remember having quite a laugh during my ITC and AI's course. We did remember to be serious when required though.

As previously stated, bite the bullet and go for it. Once it's done then it's done. Of course from the sounds of it, the next thing you will be concerned about will be how you will attend an AI's course and can't that be done over several weekends!!

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