Why no Search pay?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. Says it all in the title really. I understand that most extra pay is for retention (bdo's/atos, paras,divers) but with having to form a new search regiment, is it not the case that searchers will have to be retained too? I don't know any searcher who is willing to come back out here on a second tour, and with the current operations I'd see more point in given out search pay than say... Jumps pay!

    With little appreciation and no outcome, what would be the incentive for sappers to go on the course? Particulerly when you work with an ATO who gets a £50K bonus and £15 quid a day doing a job euqally, if not less high threat - at times.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go on the ATO course then.
  3. You can't as a Sapper.
  4. what you need is a hollywood blockbuster that in no way represents your job!
  5. NT, there are several good reasons I can think off of the top of ny head.

    1. The MoD never pays retention pay until everyone has buggered off, and I take it this is not the case for searchers.

    2. The Army system has yet to catch up - see No1

    3. How much does a searcher get paid outside the military? - May be wrong but not many jobs out there offering sackloads of cash for searchers.

    4. Does the Spec Qual have a retention problem - see No1.

    5. Remind me again how long is the course 6wks? ATO - 18mths and min rank of Sgt, BDO 6wks? and min rank of Sgt, Para P Coy 3mths? Diver? Pilot? SF?

    6. What educational qualifications do you need to become a searcher?

    Until I think up some more that'll do for now.

  6. Give it a year or two and there will be a savage retention problem but hey, why be pro-active? Very rare to see a bit of fore-sight in the Army. :x
  7. I'd of loved to of had search pay. After a search tour of NI, followed shortly by a 6yr stint at Lodge Hill teaching search. I'd be minted on extra pay for that long.
    But as above^^^^ I can see no reason to pay it. BDO/ATO are all courses you CHOOSE to go on. Search as far as I'm aware is a course you are told to go on. Or have things changed a lot in the last couple of years?
  8. Right youth,

    Although I hear you, you choose the wrong way to push the case,

    This could end in a cock fight over we should get more than you blah,blah,blah

    The courses you mention get the pay and no one in their right mind would reduce it,

    What you mean (I hope) is that the searchers should get something more, which in reality is correct,

    These lads are the unknown many laying in Selly Oak and filling Hedley court and like you say even if they come back safe most never want to go back and do search ever again.

    Some are mad for it though and love the job, what doesnt help at the moment is a Sqn 2ic telling a REST commander that even though the bloke failed the course and is a liability , he will go back to retake the parts he failed on and he'll go on the tour as he's all that's left and the REST commanders opinion is of no concern to him. Hopefully IF he comes back injured or his actions get someone else killed the 2ic will be the one to speak to the family.

    So it would appear guys aren't going back on the course or wanting to keep themselves in date.

    So maybe's a financial incentive will come, it's defianetly something that would get blokes thinking about doing the course, not me though Im way to old and I like my arms and legs way to much to be doing that crazy sh*t REspect to all those who do though.
  9. I never thought this would happen NT but I do agree with you. Search teams should get some sort of financial recognition for the additional risks they are subjected to. I would rather go into the home end at Ibrox wearing a Celtic strip carrying a billboard saying "Up the IRA" than do search or BDO.
  10. the problem i see with Search pay being offered, which i do not disagree with, is that you will get lads volunteering to get a few extra quid which equates to a few extra pints down stadt.

    very true H_S i know plenty of RESA's that have manged to be out of date because they hated the job & the lads that you see in the RESt teams are sometimes mere shells (no pun intended) of themselves prior to hitting the ground.

    when do you want to go P_L ???? :winkrazz:
  11. I think there are going to be a lot of people putting down negative choice 36, 33 and 101 on their JPA posting preferences! I certainly don't think that the CoC should be spamming people to do search on tour.
  12. I'm in agreement, it can be a hairy job and if you have been spammed for it, that should not stop the award of extra pay for the risks.

    However I also thought that the implementation of a 2 tier pay band system of high and low instead of T, A and B was a large mistake by the Firm. We effectively tried to force a communist system on everybody which has ended up with Arms and Services migrating their trades to high band as a retention measure. The existence of a specialist band would enable those who have put themselves through the mill on long difficult courses, or in iffy roles should be able to move up to that.
    Everybody is not equal, we pride ourselves in the RE on enabling people to reach their potential but don't reward it any more.

    Apart from C3S, they are a bunch of cnuts and should be behind the AES dogs in gaining extra pay.
  13. Some of our C3S boys are the "Search" teams so if they do the course they should get the pay or make it like the tax bonus so you only get it whilst operational therefore saving you paying regts who are back home, I dont know if I'll see it with the time I've got left but I know that they deserve it.
    The worrying thing is if they turn round and offer a bar for your medal saying "Search" as a way of rewarding the boys, then some snotty little turd of a politician who came up with the idea will get an MBE for his great idea whilst the chancellor is rubbing his hands at the money saved.
    Turds the lot of them! (Politicians that is!)
  14. Concearning 36, it's unfair on the blokes who are tipping up now having done there trade training and to do a 5 year tour in maidstone and put on to search courses potentially doing 2 search tours in Afghan. which wasn't in there job description when they signed up.

    More so on the QGE who can serve in maidstone for up to 15 years, back to back search tours.

    We all know that sappers/lance jacks are going to be put onto search courses which they won't want to do, especially when every 6 months teams from the regiment are coming back with horror stories. Where's the incentive?

    I just think there needs to be a vallon pay out here, which should include everyone who uses it. You can get paid extra for wearing body armour/helmet or living rough by shitting in a bag but there is nothing for searching for IED's. Specifically REST where they look for IED's down high threat routes where there are going to be things that go bang.
  15. It's similar at 33/101, young lads who may not have requested Search/CMD get posted there after trade training. As mentioned on my previous post, some sort of retention/incentive/vallon pay need to be implemented BEFORE there is a chronic shortage of search teams. I know of several lads who have deliberately failed the search course and to be honest with you, I don't blame them.