Why No Dedicated Veterans Affairs Department in UK ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Why are we the only country in the English speaking world that does NOT have a dedicated veterans affairs governmental department ?

    My own conclusion is that our government prefer it this way because the current system provides many jobs for the old boys network!

    What you say ?
  2. Why do we need to create a government department with assorted jobs for the boys?

    What is wrong with the current set up that could be fixed by having a government department instead of the existing organisations?
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  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Why not phone this lot up and ask them?

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  5. It suits the incumbent governments to rely on piecemeal coverage by various state organs and well meaning charities.
    Until such time as the Veterans Minister gets a real department with budget and political clout this state of affairs will continue.

    It isn't politically acceptable at the moment to give money to assist those already being dealt with by

    and why would they when they can rely on these organisations to do it for them.
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  6. So suffice to say, if the above stations dissolved themselves we would then have a proper Veterans government department ?

    But Other country's do have additional auxiliary veterans stations in conjunction with a governmental department.
  7. Dissolve, no?

    Be amalgamated possibly.
    But as these organisations all have staff there would be a huge amount of redundancies in the pipeline.

    It won't happen
    Charity bosses would never allow themselves to be sub-sumed by Whitehall and lose the chance of Knighthoods and media attention.
    and Whitehall has no stomach for it anyway.

    If it were to happen would you trust HMG to fund it to the same levels enjoyed by some charities?

    £100 million spent by TRBL last year
    £1.4 million per week
    and all the other charities spend a proportional amount in line with their size to TRBL
    The public donates most of that money.
    The same public would, i guess, be reluctant to cough that much up if they saw yet another Govt. department using it in the way HMG Depts currently seem to.
  8. so out of 60 countries who have English as their official language, we are the only one?

    Please cite your reference. :)
  9. And there would need to be laws passed to protect the department too, and that takes for ever to pass .
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Pah Easy to answer. Because we dont make enough fuss and we're not organised. Mainly because A. we soldier on irespective and B. we dont really give enough of a **** to do something about it. Unless you want to take the lead and i'll chuck my hat into the ring as well.
  11. In the big scheme, veterans and Armed Forces (we)are just one sector, nothing special, without a persuasive and compelling case for change through social policy and campaigns.

    Despite cynicism our current Veterans Agency seems to have come on in leaps and bounds, in response to needs and demands. What if the lack of a dedicated Veterans Affairs Department seen in the US, had more to do with the wider general UK public, business, and UK social policy. What about our proudly trumpeted and de rigeur, equality and diversity policies? Should I risk saying that the UK has become more of a wet liberal and left wing society - obsessed with racism diversity and equality? Veterans and their advocates will continue to fight social policy makers, authorities and public services for ever and ever.

    Just to play devil's advocate there probably are more information and resources now, than ever and some of us oldies might wish they'd been around decades ago. Is the OP comparing UK Veterans' services, with the USA? It could be that we have an Armed Forces support network that might not be the same as the USA's but which may have some potential to compete. But against the diversity and equality brigade, many of which couldn't care less about UK veterans and never will. The OP seems to reflect Mind's (advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem) stance on Veterans' Affairs and mental health for instance. The UK government has claimed that there are 'robust' systems in place to help ex-servicemen and women. But that doesn't mention compassion, dedicated government and public services for UK veterans, nor possibly, can we confidently claim that health services and local authorities will openly support us without some pressure.

    "Mind" say on their website "Contrast (this or our system) with the USA, where there is a dedicated Department of Veterans' Affairs that provides assessment, psychological testing and group and family therapy. Reluctant as the UK may be to follow the USA in anything that resembles military policy, we might just have to accept that, when it comes to treating veterans' mental health, the Americans have got it right". Definitely there should be more joined up policies on health care, more jurisdiction and control of public services and of councils, who now have localised jurisdiction though god knows why.

    If all those agencies don't change their culture, their liberal dribble and institutional mentality, they'll have to deal with the consequences when today's veterans start calling. A poor result for the veteran but it will serve the agencies bloody well right.
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  12. "We are warriors for the working day"
  13. I'd like to know why there is no 'ex-sanitary towel manufacturers veterans department' in the UK.

    After all, we're all veterans of something or another...
  14. I thought the ARRSE; OLD & BOLD was the unofficial Government Dept.

    Government Ministers, MOD Head Sheds, Senior Officers read ARRSE, we just have to get a policy in place which they can say was thier idea.
  15. You mean SPVA doesn't count?