Why no C I Cs during summer?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by skivinstudent.lol, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. A tad annoying for soap dodgers like myself when iv got all the months they dont seem to be running off.
  2. Dare I suggest that that's the regular's army's attempt at part-time.
  3. Out of intrest, if you completed your 1-7 and obviously had to wait till summer to do CIC,therefore breaking the "8 week rule/mark" would you have to do it again then or?
  4. It must be frustrating, missing out on Platoon attacks in Catterick, in the middle of July, being engaged from 400m away, especially when your the section grenadier, crawling the final 100m in the dead ground, blinded by a toxic mixture of sweat and cam cream, gathering into a nice soup in your chin-strap......then doing a casi-vac back to the start line.....those were the days!! hahahah!!!
  5. Did mine in June! It was rather emotional at times! Then did my NCO carde a few years later in June and it was wet as fcuk! Bloke got swept away in the stream! Ohh the joys of catterick training area!
  6. Summer Challenge?
  7. I did the regular phase 2 in the mid 90's at Catterick during the winter months. Never have I experienced such cold.

    16 years old digging up ice so I could get even more colder. Fantastic days...
  8. I know blokes from my battalion did a summer challenge type thing where the did all the trg weekends a 2 week cic and then a weeks adv trg or had the opportunity to gain their driving license
  9. In the South, Summer Challenge is not being run this year
  10. Summer is when people with jobs take holidays.
  11. Or when people with proper jobs do their reserve military training?
  12. That's the reason I was given yesterday. The instructors are instructing on Summer Challenge so can't be running a CIC as well.
  13. So all the CIC DS are teaching all 7 weeks of various Summer Challenges?
    They only sent a platoon staff, i.e. Capt, CSgt Sgt and a handful of Cpls to the SCs I've been on and only for two weeks at that.
  14. But is that the same number as are needed to run a CIC?