Why no berets on in the cookhouse?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nightrained, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Today we had a debate about why there is no berets to be worn in the cookhouse. If someone dares to forget about it when lining up, he sure won't forget about it again, but why is this? :?

    Not, that I'm too bothered, just never understood why. I mean, at your own workplace it's down too yourself whether you wear it or not.
  2. If you wear headress then your lice and fleas cannot jump into the food, and this will mean that you do not receive the proper amount of protien in your diet.

    Chefs hate this as it means one of them has to go into the slophouse and have a thráp into the porridge, cheese sauce, beans, etc to ensure that you all remain healthy.
  3. I thought you had initially asked wht ferrets couldnt go in the cookhouse which was obvious now PAYD has come in (no money).

    But believe Dread has got it spot on with the protein reason for berets, the chefs also like the look of disgust on your face when the serve you which would obviously be hidden by your beret.

    Why would any insane person want to wear a beret in the cookhouse anyway, I only wear mine if I have to book on duty once a month.
  4. You wouldn't wear your jacket in the galley/cookhouse/hotel restaurant so why are you asking about your beret?

    It's called having acceptable standards of dress.
  5. Its simply a matter of good manners. Would you wear a hat or top coat to sit down to a meal at home? I know manners are becoming a thing of the past but I live in hope that the Services will continue to attempt to stem the flow of chavism.
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Equivalent of Chav with Super-Glued baseball cap.

    Take it off ... manners!
  7. Doh, think about it. Is this a WAH.


  8. There is no need to wear berets in the cookhouse 'cos being as it is inside there is no need to protect your heads from woodpeckers
  9. I like to wear a christmas hat.
  10. Get your beret off, and stop thinking about it.

    Fezzing practice, keeping them on.
  11. That's a navy thing mate.

    Take your jacket off in a decent hotel restaurant? Really? Most nice eateries would expect you to keep it on.
  12. Nightrained you have to because you do now .....
    Have you passed your PFT yet ??? Answers on a post card please...
  13. gotta be a WAH
  14. I know the reason...........since contractors aka Sodexo and now known as Aspire have taken over its to stop you smuggling food out under yr beret when you have finished yr meal, esp if you have a chinnook landing pad doubling as a beret!
  15. What if its easter?