Why more and more women are using pornography

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JP47, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. Why more and more women are using pornography | Culture | The Guardian

    Fuck me, the poor souls are addicted to cracking one of watching pornhub.

    As a trained counsellor, Renaud now calls women's addiction to pornography "widespread and silent". In almost every case, the women she meets believe they are the only ones ever to have struggled with the issue. "Porn and sexual addiction has always been referred to as a man's problem," says Renaud. "But for women it's an unspoken struggle. We have to give them the opportunity to say: 'Me too.'"

    And there's me thinking they fucking loved it
  2. This sort of utter rot really gets on my shirt potatoes. We're referring to a high sex drive as a "problem" now, are we? Well not I. Not this soldier('s wife).

    "An unspoken struggle", by God! This Renaud person is a repressed lesbian or has been possessed by Mary Whitehouse. And I doubt it's the latter - we can't clear anyone for possession down here until Peter Madelson comes back.

    And who are these dippy women who actually talk to people like her about their "problem"? Was the confessional booth full, my dear?
  3. I like porn...it makes I larf!! All them 'cum faces' and ooohing and aarhing!! I learned how to fake a good orgasm watching porn!
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  4. :-D

    Clench BB, that's the secret. ;-)
  5. Why bother faking an orgasm? It's not as if we give a fuck whether you cum or not? I shoot my fat, therefore I'm great......you don't cum? Then you're too lazy to keep up in bed. No prize for second place in this CS.

    I'm glad you ladies are starting to watch porn. Perhaps it will help unlock the inner filthy-slut, that you know you really want to become. Take some hints from the pros.
  6. Just for you BB

    Wrong face cum shot funny - xHamster.com
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  7. Women cum?...........I never knew that!
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  8. Women that like porn, or to be Frank 'women who like watching porn whilst sucking my cock whilst fingering herself just out of reach of my hungry mouth' should be treated as royalty....

    Eating a ladies arse out whilst she watched sapphic erotica remains as one of my fonder memories of visiting Castleford.
  9. Think the guy cumming has gay tendencies....he was shoving his fingers up his arse and trying to get the other fella to swallow his cum
  10. Fuck off...I've got three kids....i struggle to clench my teeth let alone any other fucker!!!
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  11. That's pretty much a dead giveaway on the 'gayness' stakes!!
  12. I had to stop watching porn with my ex-husband cos he said I was looking a little too lustily at the male "lead" and got jealous. How fucking sad is that?!
  13. You were watching porn with blokes in it? urrggghhh :puker:
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  14. One the best stashes of Porn I've ever witnessed belonged to a lady med tech type...dorty dorty dorty Tart. She was 'comfortable' with her femine side as I experienced behind the Naafi on occasion.