Why More and More Americans Question Having Thier Tax Dollars Support Public Telly

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Why shouldn't children be helped to come to terms with a parent being thrown into prison? Apart from the simple humanitarianism of it, reducing their stress, confusion and shame may help them one day not to follow in the manacled footsteps of dear old Dad.

  2. [My bold] Oh well you see there's the problem, prisons are big business in the US, you don't want to be doing anything that might reduce numbers. Mind you, the traditional response over there seems to be to slap longer sentences on ever more crimes.

    Don't you find it odd by the way that he's worried about the relatively paltry amount of taxation spent on the telly but ignore the vast cost to the taxpayer of keeping 1%+ of the US population in klink.
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  3. Think pre Sesame St, children are very resilient, one of my great great grandfathers was publicly hanged having commited an unnatural act with a horse, a situation which one might suspect would be certain to have traumatised his many children, but no, they soon came to terms with it and carried on robbing, thieving and clipping coins as if nothing had ever happened!
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  4. With a horse? good drills!

    I always was suspicious of a any TV show that had characters called Muffin the Mule, and Dobbin the Donkey, as it sounded more like a party game on an arrsers farm
  5. Shouting near a school a criminal offence?

    Land of the free my arse; what a ******* shithole its inhabitants have turned it into. Is there anything at all, from hippies to their own children, that Americans are not scared of?
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  6. Come on then Jarhead - a little inaccurate, but that was always your style.

    This is from the Sesame Street website - not the TV show. Also - what is wrong with putting something up there that might help 2.7m kids get their heads a little bit better? Or do you believe that they should also suffer for the crimes of their parents?

    You regularly post on here with a weighted title, a link, and nothing else. You don't tell us your point of view until much later. Have the balls to state your position rather than hinting at something and posting another link.

    I support this and the USA needs better public broadcasting over th commercial pish they push out most of the time.
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  7. Waterskiing? That's something quite unnatural for a horse to be doing
  8. Why should the taxpayer have to pay for it.? Prisoners in the US earn a daily wage.
  9. I would have thought you knew my point of view as you seem to know me so well in terms of hy "himnting" and other aspects about me that you could not possibly know.
  10. Indeed you have it in one with your first paragraph. Do the crime, do the time. Simples.
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