Why leave the Army?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Danny_Dravot, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Poor Pay

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  2. Accommodation or Housing or incl. house purchase

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  3. Tour Intervals or Separation

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  4. Sickness, Illness or Injury

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  5. Boredom or Lack of Challenge

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  6. Other (please post reply)

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  1. Just a quick straw poll....if there's a reason not listed in poll, please feel free to post your reason.....

    If you have already PVR'd what was the reason?
    If you were to / or considering PVR, what would the reasons be?


  2. Is there a time frame you wish to know. Is this only for people leaving now or already out?
  3. any time frame
  4. Because its pretty shite now with very little discipline and to many chav's. Im not getting out to close to the pension.

    I love it really.
  5. I voted other. The reason? Already pensionable and getting old.
  6. Had enough of prostituting myself for this revolting, dishonest government.
  7. And me
  8. Ditto Mate I have just exited stage left on Tuesday after 20Yrs in the TA and I simply could not bring myself to rengage again. and its all TBliars fault :x
  9. Accommodation.
    Demise of the Military Covenant.
    Spineless CoC (CGS a notable exception).
    Over stuffed, redundant rear based HQs churning out self justifying shiite.
    Planning for plans - and then some.

    But apart from that most everything else was just dandy.
  10. Remember seeing this little verse once in some guardroom:

    Don't buy a telly
    Don't buy a car
    Save your money and PVR.

    Obviously written by the Wordsworth of the camp.
  11. Couldn't agree more, I joined the Army to protect my country, enough said!

  12. Only here for the pension. 3 years and 2 months left and then off to press the button on the paint stiring machine in B&Q for a living.

    Stopped enjoying the job about 3 years ago but was persuaded to stay in by my better half.

    I'm not content with being lied to, taken for granted, housed in shit mess accommodation. Don't mind the deployments because that's what I joined for all those years ago but my family life has changed and so have I, I'd like to have some input into my childrens lives rather than just being the weekend dad that pays the bills.
  13. The army is money for old rope. The grass isn't always greener on the other side as i found out in 1997 when i failed miserably in civvy street for 10 months. Best thing i did was get back in. The last decade has been the best the Army has offered in a long time. Just look at the operations we've had!
  14. Horses for courses mate but after 25 years it's time to do (or at least try) something else.
  15. You have a very valid point there my friend! 25 years is long enough for most except the insane and totally army barmy.