Why Join?

Discussion in 'OTC' started by eegeek, May 3, 2006.

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  1. My mate persuaded me to got to a selection day

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  2. Cheap beer

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  3. An experience of army life with no commitment

  4. Already a bursar

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  5. Other

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  1. I meant to be doing some work at the moment but can't be arrsed so I was just wondering what and why did people join the OTC.

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  2. Brother in law said it was a laugh.
  3. why can u only vote for 1?
  4. Clicked 'Burser'. I'm not, coz they dont do it for law :( , but my ACO basically said to join. Although, I'd recommend it to anyone. :D
  5. Why didn't you click "Other" then?
  6. Why isn't "rampant sex with sporty, sloaney or fat-bottomed women" on here? Have the powers of political correctness finally emasculated the young men of our once great land?

    Oh and before some feminist jumps in, there could also be "rampant sex with athletic, outdoorsy, hard as nails northern or frightfully polite public school men" as an option too...

    Personally I joined because like Israel hands I wanted the officers' "puddings, and vittels and spirits an all"
  7. They pay for my skiing and shooting :D
    God bless the British taxpayer.
  8. Meh, because I'm a bursar in all but name (and money) :D

    I don't know it was late when I posted :?
  9. Are you one of those that tells people "oh i'm sponsored by X capbadge", you like the fact people think this means you have a bursary and 'forget' to explain to them it means X is sponsoring your RCB application.... If the previous does not describe you accept my apologies, but I'm sure most people have met some like that in the UOTC.
  10. HAHAHA no, I wish :D

    No, I've got no real links with any units, RCB is being sponsered by Careers, they just hinted that if I wanted to join, I should do OTC
  11. To get a bit of experience before going for RCB. Was definitely a good decision. Met a great bunch of guys, the socials are spot on and the opportunities are fantastic. Would certainly recommend it to anyone.
  12. So have you actually passed RCB yet?
  13. Nope, Main Board in September.
  14. Oh yes... After listening to one of the new guys that came into the Unit this year rave at length about how he got a merit, or some boll0cks, at RCB.
    Example as follows. Macks is sponsored by the Blankshires in this scenario.
    [insert greeting, followed by conversation with new'un, eventually determining that they are planning to join the Army after Uni]
    Macks: "What Regiment are you hoping to join?"
    New'un: "Well, I'm sponsored by the Blankshires at the moment. I did an attachment with them over the Summer in [insert place here]."
    M: "Really? Good stuff. I was there too. You must have met Capt Bloggs and Lt Smith."
    N: "Erm... No, I must have missed them."
    [Macks becomes suspicious, given that one is the Adjt, and the other was the Plt Comd assigned to looking after any and all POs that visited the Battalion that summer]
    M: "Right, right. Ok. What did you get up to?"
    N: "Well, I got to go out on patrol with the boys and everything really. [New'un continues to talk at length about all the things that he did, and how he got on well with everyone, especially the soldiers, and everyone told him that he'd be an awfully good officer]"
    [Macks becomes even more suspicious, given that this is extremely unlikely, not having the appropriate training to do said activity]
    M: "Fine. So when did you do RCB?"
    N: "[Insert date here]" (New'un has made the unfortunate mistake of listing the dates of Macks' board)
    M: "Really?! I was there then? Who was your group leader?"
    [New'un starts to realise his story is becoming unravelled]
    N: "Hang on... Maybe it was [insert other date]."
    [At this point, Macks narrows eyes and contemplates hitting New'un over the head with a blunt instrument. New'un realises the game is up, and promises to stop telling people that he is a Blankshire bursar and passed RCB, for fear of Macks taking a shovel to his head]
  15. Hairy muff, but that does mean you ain't quite a Bursar yet old son. ;)
    Good luck with it all the same. How did you fare at the Brief?