Why join the TA and why stay in?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_McKay, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. Ladies and Gents

    A serious question.

    I was wondering what the general feeling was amongst those considering joining the TA or even amongst recent recruits was.

    Any comments on why you joined or why you are considering joining. What your expectations are. Your reason behind the choice of arm. In fact any constructive comment is welcome.

    I stress I would like meaningful comment from interested parties. If you have an axe to grind open your own thread.

    I confess my interest is not purely altruristic. I want to gauge the impact recent deployments has had and what can be done to rectify any errors or capitalise on any successes.

    I belive this is suitable for this forum. If not I apologise.
  2. Which newspaper you working for?
  3. yes join and find out ..... but i'll say this i want to rejoin cos i want to do some good instead of sitting on the side lines while people are putting their lives on the line to keep what peace they can.
    that is why
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  5. Doesn't sound much like a tabloid wallah to me. Sounds a bit more "political"
  6. Because i have to stay in another 20 yrs to get my telic medal :)
  7. Mr Mackay - I suspect that it would be in your interests to clarify your intentions etc although I suspect you may have already blown it.
  8. I'm in exactly this situation (will be attested as soon as our PSAO gets back from holiday) but given the number of people posting in exactly this manner who are of the journalistic (axe-grinding) variety I'm not willing to explain my reasoning without a better idea of who you are. Sorry.
  9. Thats easy I joined the Infantry so that I could travel the world. Visit underpriviliged countries that need our protection and guidance. Then go bush with a Big Green vehicle and one of the finest Assault Rifles in the world, then kill the Local population that do not want to enter into a civilised culture. I do not see myself as a harvester of death, more as a hand of the mighty one 'GOD' :lol:

    Hope that answered your enquiry.
  10. Had to get in there first...you're not in the British Army, are you?

  11. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. Im, with Sweatysock!
    Sweaty your Arcs are 6 to 12,
    i,m off for a brew,
    and can't agree enough about the A2, Grand old Rifle!(Only lazy Buggers Dont know how to clean/Maintain the thing)
    "Sweaty"he should sit in on some of your lessons!

    and why did i join?
    Green matches my eyes.
  13. You want an answer to your question?

    Because I want to be seen as a person who gave to this country. Not some f**king w**ker who knocked it at every opportunity, if you are a journo (probably the Daily f**king cnut, sorry mail) I hope this gives you the answer that you require, you f**king spineless office dwelling cnut. If you are not, but I doubt it due to your absence, then I hope you understand the first sentence of the post, ignore the rest and take it on board.

    It may get you another story for your paper but it's another nail in the coffin of this country and the people who try to protect it, the same people who would die to protect your freedom of speech which you may or may not be abusing.
  14. Jesus you people are parnoid. No I am not a journalist. If you want to sling abuse about be carfeul who you aim it at.

    I am interested because I am worried about the numbers we are now working with. I asked for anonymous and constructive comment, not your bank account details or inside leg measurments. I thought there may be some new recruits or recent leavers who may have some serious points.

    If none of you are interested f**k off!

    PS: Children I've had harder sh*ts than some of you.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Mr M,

    You might like to open your bidding with a description of the problems you are facing at your unit, before you fire off a raft of questions...