Why join the British Army? by Andy McNob

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. Had a date once with a very nice woman, who did well through lunch, until she said something along these lines "squaddies just join because they can't get good jobs or they're ....." Lunch was suddenly Dutch and she walked home, or took the 'bus, or something. No idea really.
  2. Go to the TA forum, there are still some people in there that think that way about the regs! Cant believe they still think that we dont own houses, cant vote and the army pension is pennies (mines bloody good!)
  3. As much as not everyone was a fcuking retard the majority do join because there is fcuk all else better to do... If we're honest!
  4. Its a decent read.

    Anyone who thought the army was for thick people who can't do anything has never worked in a call centre because thats where these thick cnuts are.
  5. Agreed. But it's not because yon folks are too thick (which they really aren't), it's because there's no work in their neck of the woods. And let's face it, it's miles better than hanging around and chugging cider, innit?

  6. Have you tried calling MCM Div? The civvies working there are absolute mince! They had to take their PCs away from them and give them chalk boards because the tipex was ruining the monitors!
  8. I've met the people I'd be responsible for in the army, and I've met the people I'd be responsible for in much of the civilian world.

    It's enough in itself to keep me on my track to Sandhurst with all the energy I have!

    Good article, but you can bet anything you like that it won't make the slightest dent in the common prejudices. They run too deep.
  9. IIRC Andy McNab asserted in his first book that he joined the Army himself because he was pretty much too thick to do anything else.
  10. That article was pretty much spot on in all respects. Going off thread slightly, I think this country has a quite fcuked view on what constitutes a valid education. I am still perplexed as to why a four- year engineering apprenticeship is seen as inferior to a degree in something like Sports Science, especially since experiencing what a degree actually involves.
  11. He is right in saying that just because he was dyslexic that it is not a full extent to how intelligent Andy really is . I personally think Andy is a very intelligent gentleman and for reasons which will remain personal to him that he did he did not have the best education in life when he was younger.
  12. Is this correct?

    Good article, amazing how many of our Commonwealth cousins were joining up - good on them.
  13. Apparently so; DCM MM when he left in '93. The DCM was for B20, the MM for a contact with six Provo gunmen when he was a 19-year-old tom.
  14. Good article. In a way I can understand that there are folk out there joining up cause of the current job issue but this doesnt mean squaddies are thick or couldnt get a good job. Im from a Commonwealth country and been living in Scotland 4 years now, with a great job which pays well and Ive just joined up does that mean im thick???? Nope. Civilians will never understand doesnt matter how much Ive tried to tell friends they still doesnt understand why Ive done it.