Why join anybody else when you can join the QDG !!!!!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by paveway_3, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. The title says it all .
  2. Just because you've found someone else to back you up on that. Hah. Indeed i second that motion
  3. Exactly just watch the incoming now from members of ''lesser'' FR regiments .
    Should be fun .
  4. ive got my ammo stockpiled fella, bring 'em on
  5. This question requires a degree consideration. I have taken a bit of time to view the other Cavalry options available and make a fair and just comparison between them all before coming to my conclusion. After much deliberation I feel there can only be one correct answer to the question “Why join anybody else when you can join the QDG” and that is simply that we aren't all sheep humping deviants! :lol:
  6. *loads*

    The Queens Dragoon Guards, formerly Kings Dragoon Guards was formed in London, England. Ave it ;)
  7. I get the feeling that the QDG are on a recruiting drive.....
  8. QDG are always on a recruiting drive, however one look at the RRT and we're ballsed, especially when they're still hungover and offering out liquid viagra
  9. 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, the Welsh Cavalry. Nothing cockney in that title old boy........
  10. Only 65%of the QDG are welsh , we welcome all , but only the very best are accepted
    (there are a few mongs that slip through the net) . But QDG are the very best at their
    job much to the envy of everyone else . we are dashing , handsom, professional and
    of course modest .
  11. Do the Welsh get on with the English or are there "clicks" in the lines?
  12. Ready, aim and Fire. Velcro Gloves and wellies for me please. Overmanning is not hard. Just a bit of effort needed. Bring on the Scots Fiji's.

    Wibble and dribble.
  13. During the last 25 years the QDG have been to more "overseas parties" than any other recce regt.

    They have been the best recce regt for years.

    I was one.
  14. How many years considering that they didnt re role until 2000 ?
  15. Boilinthebag
    Good point! I look forward to the reply. What is it that makes the QDG (in their opinion) so good? I have not seen anything that proves it, but am willing to be converted......
    I wait out....