Why Israel = FAIL

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by REMFQuestions, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. From Wired.com - quite an illuminating piece actually. It's nothing to do with legality or the other thread currently raging. It is how Israel lost the information war before the blockade runner even arrived.

    Full Story and Discussion HERE

    Accompanying video HERE
  2. Money is no object, the US just gives it to them.
  3. I'm thinking about a trip to Israel this summer. Nice place.
  4. Have a friend who is a big philo-semite and travells alot. He HATED israel. What sort of country makes cheeseburgers illegal?
  5. This isn't about the Eurovision Song contest is it?
  6. I have a shed for sale if anyone is interested
  7. Mods - this is the Intelligence Cell not the NAAFI or The Hole. Can I have blatant spam deleted plz?
  8. I'll bite; why are they illegal?
  9. Some kosher thing, I think. Isn't mixing meat and dairy not the done thing in circumcised circles?
  10. Make sure you visit the Elvis Inn at Neve Ilan along the way to Jerusalem :D


    I mentioned it in "Pull Up a Sandbag" the Book...

    It does exist 'contrary to popular belief' ... 8)
  11. Is your Shed a high quality Israeli Shed or a poor quality palestinian one ?
  12. What a load of anti-semite rubbish. I cannot believe an Arrser would think that anyone on this site was stupid enough to believe, or even care about what some IT Geek thinks about a government standing up to its sovereign right to protect itself.

    No-one in Israel cares, no-one with an ounze of common sense in the West cares. A bunch of left wing, no good hippies get a kicking and Twitter their way out of it? It is laughable!!!
  13. What is anti-semite about it exactly? The blockade has been lifted so technically the 'hippies' have achieved their aims to the ridicule and expense of the IDF.

    Not sure what you saw as anti-semite in the article though.
  14. Okay yeah, I concede, it was a well balanced bit of serious journalism written by an unbiased computer geek

  15. Edited for you