Why is Winchester shit?

Gwailo / Fatbadge... thanks for the good comments, nice to know not everyone wants to stamp my head into a small pile of goo for daring to ask a question :)

Will get my head down and carry on with training... roll on phase 2 (and freedom!)


ok so a bit further back you asked what its like at pirbright.. well i only left in september so here it is.. yea, females go there but arent allowed to be seen socialising with males (some nco's even find talking to the opposite sex to be fraternization) as for the rules. Its the same, no day release until after week 7, and even then you dont get it every weekend, its down to the PC's discretion, it is a PRIVELAGE. as for the complaining, as far as i can tell phase one isnt that difficult to hack if you keep you're head down and just get on with it. (and moaning does NOT get you sympathy.. only shit.)
Dont think you have it so hard, in phase 1 i got my week 7 leave, and got on day release once. Its training, its bullshit what did you expect? im still goin through training and still getting the same old shit different day.

Plus from what ive heard from lads in my troop that passed through winchester, its a pretty relaxed place compared to other ATR's


Shadowfar, the only women youll be fraternising with are the 7 Sisters :thumright:


batmanwasjesus said:
Gwailo / Fatbadge... thanks for the good comments, nice to know not everyone wants to stamp my head into a small pile of goo for daring to ask a question :)

Will get my head down and carry on with training... roll on phase 2 (and freedom!)
I dont know what trade or capbadge you are, or intend to be............But I cant wait to have men of your calibre in my Sqn.


When did they stop having female recruits at Winchester ! I loved it when i was there doing my phase 1, banging the arrse off the female recruits, even set up 2 of the instructors when we went on the battlefield tour to france :thumright:
Christ!! When I did JLR RCT\RAOC in 87 we were not allowed out uniti 6 months!!. What a winging cnut. Besides, how are you going to feel when you do your tours and you live behind barbed wire for 6 months with a hell of a lot fewer facilities that you currently enjoy?


I start my basic training at Winchester next month and from what I've been told the Sir John moore barracks are modern, in good quality and you are roomed to 4 recruits.I've got mates elsewhere either in training or passed out and none can compare this to what is spoken of Winchester. I expect it will be hard and I'm preparing for the unknown, but one thing I won't do is whinge about the training because the instructors know what they're doing and we're just recruits who know no-one and know fcuk all.
I think there are quite a few assumptions being made here.
1. That females will find you attractive in the first place.
2. That you will act sensibly if you are allowed out, as no-one does when they've been restricted for a few weeks. We regularly have to mop up recruits who can't handle their drink. It's easy to spot recruits from week 7 onwards because they're the ones walking in step and swearing loudly in large groups.
3. It's scary to think you feel like you need alcohol. Perhaps the selection should be tougher - if you can't manage a few weeks without.....
4. Less slagging off Fox chaps. Try breaking your own knee and see how motivated you suddenly become.
5. Basis training is exactly that - if you can't manage the basics, you'll struggle later on.
6. The other ATRs follow almost exactly the same rules, so you'll get no sympathy from them.
7. The standards coming out of ATR W are no different from they have ever been. I was crap 20 years ago, recruits passing out 10 years ago were crap, and recruits in 1970 were crap too.

Rant over


i think you're making a fair point actually.

Also i think the drinking should be saved for when you've completed your training otherwise your definatly going to under perform out on the field when you have a killer hangover.

I Kno it sounds boring but i guess you got to be sensible about and remember that the army aint a job you can mess about in.You can't exactly have a day off because you got wasted last night and you feel like the shite of a thousand elephants.


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Allowed out for a few hours after 7 weeks!? Eeeh, luxury! "In my day" - over 25 years ago; as an orifice cadet doing something called "Rowallan Coy" - cadets in training did not get out of company lines (except, of course, on training!) for the whole twelve weeks of the course. We did, however, when in the academy, enjoy the luxury of a 7am rise on Sundays.

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