Why is Turkey so popular with British tourists?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Matematik, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. I hate the place. Constantly over-charging British people because they think we're all stupid or something, and then when you argue the price, they get aggressive and punchy and start with the anti-British slurs and sometimes it gets near to a physical confrontation. Not that I'm scared of any slimey Turkish waiter mind you, but I can't stand the place personally and don't understand why it's so popular with the British.

    They clearly hate us, and only pretend to tolerate us as long as they think we're about to open are wallets, and then the minute they realise you're not going to spend money they start getting aggresive and swearing, call you a time waster for looking at not buying, etc.

    Also, a lot of the Turks blame the British for the collapse of their empire, so historically the Turks haven't considered us to be amongst their greatest of friends.

    I've never understood why it's so popular. The Turkish are constantly over-charging Brits in restaurants and in shops, and British people just seem to tolerate it. They clearly have no regard for British people and just see us as a bit soft and easy to take for a ride.

    Also, it's much the same in Morocco and Tunisia, they both have the rip-off the Brits mentality, but North Africa isn't that popular in comparison to Turkey with British tourists.

    Has anyone else got this impression from Turkey, or am I just a whinger?
  2. Don't go to places poor people visit.
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  3. I think you mean't: "Turkey for a holiday? - How incredibly 'council'!"
  4. Yep!
    Make your own path
  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    Do you not like any race of people ?
  6. No, its just you. Turkey is popular because it's cheap and they generally pull the dead donkey out of the pool before you get there. Turkish people are very polite if you are polite to them. Hussling you for custom is now illegal there. I go there to shoot pig at least once each year. I've done the all in German package piss up as well. My tip is get away from the resorts and head inland, you'll be gobsmacked by the landscapes, good small hotels and fantastic food. Some Turks may resent us, we don't support their applications for entry in the European trough of plenty, we did invade them, having first published the invasion plans in all the papers weeks in advance, so some of them think we are dangerous & barking, which is about right really.
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  7. ..........and it is also very popular with a particular type of 45-year old Brit divorcee who may or may not be called Yvonne and still thinks that her legs look good in a mini skirt.

    The whore.
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  8. I hear she bangs like a shit house door when the plagues in town!
  9. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    **** me - in other news, the DFS Sale is now on, and right now all Oral B toothbrushes are half price!

    Of course they hate us - along with the rest of Europe. Don't you watch the Eurovision Song Contest?
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  10. I thought we got on all right with the Turkish as we have Bombing kurds in common......admittedly we stopped yonks ago. But we started a trend.
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  11. Because white old rich women mistakenly think that they can pull a turkish waiter that actually loves them.
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  12. Not quite the 'Turkish Delight' they were after ;-)

    OP: Having recently returned after a week in November the place reminds me too much of my time in Cyprus, however I enjoyed Cyprus more than Turkey, doubtful i'll return.
  13. Turkey always seems to be irrationally popular at this time of year. Personally I prefer a nice piece of beef, but each to his own.
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  14. Yes…
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  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I worked with a lady-of-a-certain-age who got conned by a Turkish waiter out of £45,000 to help him build a 'love nest'. To be fair, he had to work had for his money, as she is a right old boiler, and at least she got a good seeing to, so I suppose it's fair do's. She got the hint when he let slip she'd be Wife No.2.

    Frankly, it's no wonder the take the piss.

    Oh, she did get £500 for selling her story to "Take a Break" magazine though, so all was well in the end :)