Why is this foul creature polluting my country?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. Gary Alcock murdered baby Violet because her crying interrupted his X-Box game - Telegraph

    Some really hard cnut who was addicted to his X-box (and steroids) punched a 15 month old child so hard in the stomach it ruptured her internal organs.... this was the culmination of weeks of abuse to the little mite.

    Why, prey tell isn't he begging for his life on the scaffold? Noose pulled tight around his cnutish neck? He could hold a rope/button that would release the floor he was stood on when he was ready. Pref some sort of 'dead mans' button, for when he got weaker. Because I doubt he would have the spine to off himself.
  2. Enjoy the rest of your life in prison Alcock don't drop the soap.
  3. Because, sadly, this country is run by cowards and weaklings. While the vast majority of people - or cattle as I prefer to call them - are too apathetic to change the situation. They will be angry about this vile untermench only until X Factor comes on again.

    Democracy; don't you just love it?
  4. It's just not enough though. To those who ask piously "Ah! but would you be prepared to do the execution?" I say I would pay good money to kill him, especially by punching him in the gut until it ruptured and he died in agony.
  5. Perhaps but if you kill him his problems are over once and for all, better if he was condemmed to live haunted constantly by the nightmares of what he's done until he willingly stretches his own neck worked for Dr Shipman.
  6. CF, welcome to UK 2010
    Condition - Broken
    Chance of recovery - Virtually nil
  7. Ok. But he gets clinically beaten around his gut with a baseball bat, every day for ten years. Then if he hasn't topped himself, we kill the ******.
  8. A miserable, worthless **** of the highest order, I hope he picks up AIDS when he goes to pick up the soap in the shower block.

    Still, at least he'll get plenty of time to play his x-box (taxpayer funded) while enjoying a quiet life on the nonces wing...
  9. Don't believe in capital punishment. Too easy. Needs to spend the rest of his life doing hard labour, he needs to do some form of work that pays for his keep. He doesn't work hard enough, he doesn't eat more than the very minimum to actually maintain his life for until his next opportunity to earn some more food.
  10. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    I do not believe for one moment that he has any remorse for for what he did and as such he won't be haunted by any nightmares. Given the amount of murderers (Fred West, Dr. Shipman etc) who would be expected to be on some form of suicide watch, who manage to find themselves left hanging around their cells with time on their hands, I am hopeful that this one will go the same way.
  11. Be sure to stick a large pictures of his victim in the cell with him one that he has to look at before going to sleep and see when waking up.
  12. hang him and her side by side, dont wet the hemp rope, keep it dry. but first they do at least 20 years hard labour, no tv, x box, no day light,

    we all know this wont happen, to many beareded leftys........................
  13. I just might agree if prison for this type of crime meant hard labour and being deprived of all amusement and decent food. But it doesn't, it means getting an easy life and becoming lazy fat ***** like Whiting and Huntley... FFS Huntley even has a slut gf. Get rid of the useless bastards, put them down like rabid dogs.
  14. monty, build the gallows
    i will get my rope
  15. Shame this didn't happen in the US, would have loved to see the bastard fry in an electric chair, would even have paid to flick the switch, fecking scum.