Why is there so much anti-English sentiment worldwide?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Matematik, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. With the possible exception of the Americans, I would say the UK is the most disliked country in the world, and easily the most disliked country in Europe by a country mile. Eurovision proves that if it proves anything.

    I never understood why though. Ok, we had an empire, but then again, so did France, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, etc, etc, and today those countries are not subjected to the same level of insults and critisizm as the English are.

    Also, it's only the English. Everyone loves the Celts, particularly the Scottish and the Irish. It's often said that if an Irishman walks into a bar in Spain, often they will act surly assuming they're English, and then when they realise they're Irish suddenly become friendly and talkative and say something like "I'm glad you're not English, we hate the English here". I suspect that sort of attitude is fairly rare, but I don't doubt it happens from time to time.

    What is it? Jealousy? Bitterness? Or just a general dislike of English culture?
  2. personally I think you are talking a load of arrse. I don't think that the UK is the most disliked. perhaps you should travel a bit, rather then watching crap made by cunty apologists.
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  3. It might be just that some English tourists really can behave like total *****.............................
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  4. I think some of it is our general lack of patriotism. Insult Turkey to a Turks face and you'd probably risk getting banged out, insult England to an Englishman's face and unfortunately you'd probably get an agreement.

    We just aren't very protective of our own culture, which to some extent I believe gives others a mandate to insult us.

    'If you won't stand up for yourself who else will' seems an appropriate phrase.
  5. No, all the Jocks and Welsh act like ***** and tell everyone they're English.
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  6. In Spain, the average "English" tourist is a scumbag that brings nothing but shame on the UK. However, scumbag Scots and Welsh aren't any different.

    I hate most English tourists when I'm abroad, so I imagine locals who put up with them more often really aren't that keen as that is all they get to see of English culture.
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  7. Its just jealousy, everyone wants to be like us.

    Although I think the french are hated more.
  8. I once tried to book a room in a hotel in Southern Spain, the guy was miserable as ****, but I was tired and needed a kip. He asked for a passport and as I am a dual UK -Irish passport holder I gave him the Irish passport, well you think that I had just given him a Million Euro as he instantly changed and became a charming friendly ****** instead of a surly one. I try to keep a low profile and don't shout about my nationalities, maybe that's the best way.
  9. English are either chavtastic or Psuedosnobs. i am not fond of the Brits!
  10. Matematik, is that the name of a device you bought because you have no mates? **** sakes fella its xmas eve, chill out you ****.
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  11. Bore off you knob.
  12. That would be my theory. This is not a general criticism of the English but Brits abroad in general who people assume are English.
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Well the last bunch of knobheads I saw in France, drunk in middle of day, walking up street, stopping traffic by telling them they were driving on the wrong side of the road were definitely English and not endearing themselves to the locals.
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  14. Think its because it all went ******* wrong when we lost the empire, the locals thought they could run the place without us......And even as a proud Jock i,ve no problem with you lot....
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  15. **** me, getting bites with bait like that?
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