Why is there no post-nominal for the VRSM?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by POGscribbler, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Yes

  2. No, just having served is recognition enough

  3. Rubbish idea

  1. I was sent a mail from a colleague of mine who has added "TD" after his civvy qualifications and then realised that it stood for his Territorial Decoration (TD)
    He had done 12 years in and just scraped the TD before it was replaced in around 1999 by the VRSM (and he was still serving until about 2 years ago).

    It's just a thought but why was the entitlement to a TD type post nominal dropped with the introduction of the VRSM?

    I would imagine a post nominal recognition of hard work/good/long service would be quite attractive to some people?

    Would it help with retention perhaps or is it just a rubbish idea?

    Any thoughts!



  2. Does that mean that Regular Army soldiers with the LS&GC should have post noms for that as well?
  3. Why dont you add JM for the "Battle of Jubilee" aswell and be done with it!!!

    Get a grip<<<<
  4. msr

    msr LE

    It would be retention positive and we have been round this buoy before. It would also be recruitment positive if you are in the TA and are looking for a job with someone who has the TD...

    Basically it was an act of spiteful nastiness by certain people in the mid 90s, who saw an opportunity to put the boot into the TA and took it.

  5. If you stay in long enough you get it hardly something to be proud
    enough to put as a post nominal .
  6. Having LS&GC as a post nominal has no precedent.
    However I for one would welcome the idea of some sort of recognition for long and dedicated service whether regular or otherwise.

    (having been both regular and now otherwise)


  7. What a cock.

    I'm entitled to have a post nom but would never dream of using it due to the above. (I don't need a post nom to look a cock :wink: ).
  8. Yes...

    I think the TD post nom is worth re-instating.

    Whatever anyone thinks, TA officer numbers have gone through the floor (even compared with ORs) and anything that contributes to recruiting and retention would be welcome.

    A totally stupid move to get rid of the PM, particularly as it was done by the previous administration as I understand..

    Does anyone know the background?
  9. So if you were sad enough to use the post nom of 'TD', had it put on your cheque book, bank statements, all correspondance etc and someone was to ask what it was for, would you hold your head up high and say 'I got it for being in the TA for 12 years'?

    I 'know people' who have the Order of St John gong who dont even use their 'OStJ' post noms as they think it looks knobbish, but I suppose that if needing the admiration of others by using post noms for spending 12 years in the TA is your bag then fair enough.
  10. Sorry but whats so special about TA officers ? Reg officers get diddly squat in the form of recognition for service let alone a post numeral, the TA does seem to like its long service awards, I know of one individual who has 5 gongs and never been on ops.

    Oh and don't even get me started on the complete disregard of reg service when joining the TA, thats alright I'll just push another 10 years out and I might get something for my trouble, have to collect it in a zimmer frame mind

    Personally I feel we should do away with the VRSM and LS&GC and have a joint award that can be carried over to either service as the trend seems to be one of bringing us all under One Army

    But I bet I still have to start form frigging scratch
  11. Speaking as someone who doesn't have it on my chequebook, bank account, correspondence, etc...

    If I want to use it, or wear the miniature on an appropriate occasion, I'll be able to hold my head up high and say:

    "I got that for grafting my arrse off for twenty years in the service of Her Majesty. I averaged 80 days a year in addition to a full-time profession, did the character-building courses associated with the infantry, took my personal skills seriously, and would like to think that I put more in than I took out. I reckon I did a good job, tried always to look out for the troops, but I'm under no illusion that I was somehow outstanding, and I'm well aware of my skills gaps. While I was in, I was willing to be mobilised, but APC never sent me an envelope."

    So yes, I got it for being in the TA for 21 years. But there's a lot more went into it than that. Bloody right I'm proud of my TD.
  12. I am very proud to talk about both my regular and reserve service.

    and having done 3 tours as a reservist would like to think that I have contributed more and achieved more as a reservist than I was able to as a regular.

    I personally only use my professional post nominals when it is appropriate i.e. in professional correspondence (and then rarely) anyone putting extra stuff on cheques etc has to be described as a walting c*ck.

    When I posted this thread I had no idea that the TD thing only applied to officers, I would welcome the idea that all should benefit irrespective of rank if you have done your time you should be able to be proud of it.

    And I agree with wellyhead that all should be recognised (if they so wish to use it ) irrespective of being regular or reservist.

    Incidentally have a quick trawl through some of the recent posts in the TA forum........... can anyone see a theme developing

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  13. Conversely, and having being given the option, I went for VRSM rather than TD, as a certain red tab pointed out that it effectively marked you out to regular colleagues (albeit prejudiced ones) as a STAB officer of a certain era & disposition. Personally, I also find the (V) descriptor about as appealing as a invite to a stag party organised by Gary Glitter.
  14. wearing the miniature isnt the same as using TD as a post nom.
  15. Wheres my post gone??