Why is there a buttonhole in the bottom of the trouser leg?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Run_Charlie!, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. What is it for? Gaiters?

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  2. IS it for fitting a gaitWAH ???????
  3. It's for when recruits get issued the 30 inch pace string, that's where it fits. Prevents them executing more than a 30 inch pace
  4. It's for when you go into shirt-sleeve order in tropical zones. You roll your trouser-legs up as well and the buttons are to hold them in place.
  5. AAGF


    Don't listen to them. Ask the QM for the hold-down strap - it's used to hold the tip of your "appendage" safely off the tundra.
  6. you tie a pedometer to it.. or plastic coverd wire to use as a moble aerial.
  7. Thats right, I remember in Basic some swine cut two inches off my left pace string and I found myself marching round in circles.
  8. Dont listen to them, they are winding you up -
    The button holes are to fit the buttons sewn to the top of your boots combat high, thus negating the need for trouser elastics. If these are not present, take them back to the Q for exchange.
  9. Simple answer, it's not a button hole.
    IT's for smuggling air.
  10. What a bunch of tossers a guy asked a simple question and you lot can't help yourselves can you, you'll be telling cadets they can't miss out basic, or advising others that if they can't do there 1.5 miler in under 15mins they will have have to pass P company like everyone else. Now sorry back on thread its an inspection hatch for first parading your draw string as laid Down in Mat Regs Vol 5 Chap 3 Sect 2 Para 2a Daily Trouser First Parade or in standard CS 95 Mat Regs Vol 5 Chap 3 Sect 2 Para 2b Trouser First Parade Temperate NW Europe hope this helps.
  11. Please Sir Please Sir ... I know this...

    /Anorak on

    The hole is put in by the manufacturer to speed up insertion of the drawstring...

    Because of the fell seam it is difficult to thread the drawstring from the end. By putting a hole next to seam, the drawstring can be fed from the centre out past the seam. If you make a hole in the materiel it has to be bound to stop it fraying but it is easy to do with a buttonhole machine when the pattern is flat.

    Seems a roundabout way to save time, but the profit on this stuff is so small, every little counts...

    /Anorak off

    ... helps to have been a parachute rigger...
  12. on a serious note, i use it to tuck the drawstring into
  13. Sorry he is a walt, every one knows the sound is budadabuddabuddabuddabuddakerching.
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