Why is the US Flag displayed backwards on their uniform?

Discussion in 'US' started by stevo_333, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. An extremely random question, but something that has bugged me for quite a while. Why is the US Flag back to front on the Army uniform?
  2. So the stars stay close to the heart.
    I could be wrong. :oops:
  3. It isnt....
  4. It is.....
  5. It's only on the one sleeve, so that the stars are always going forwards. It's something they get very patriotic about and get in a bit of a flap when it's not facing the right way.
  6. I was told to imagine the flag as being actual cloth rather than a badge. So, as a solider will always be going forwards the stars on both sides will be to the front. After all, the Americans never retreat...

    ...They merely withdraw.
  7. No, it's because when they were designing the uniform the person sewing on the flag was looking in a mirror, typical American thing to do I'm afraid.
  8. Why is there gold braid around it?

  9. Because there is
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Was that what they did in Mogadishu then? Followed up by the complete removal of all U.S. forces in the horn of Africa?
  11. The serious, boring answer is that if the bloke was walking around holding an Old-Glory flag on a pole, the bit with the stars would be closest to the front, with the stripes-only part behind. The merkins are pedantic to ensure that this is represented on the uniform patches.
    They have a whole bunch of other rules about their flag, and these are enshrined in law at a federal level. Can't fly it at night, in the rain, to the west or south of a foreign flag etc etc.
    It probably comes from the US being a republic and having to make up the symbols and traditions of a nation overnight in 1775.
  12. WTF??? Houston we have a problem...
  13. you are a fcuk wit of the highest order. Did you see the preview button?

    Right then, thanks to you, bushy top tree and back - GO!