Why is the UK such a selfish, mean-spirited country?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Matematik, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Essentially, the reason why there are so many immigrants in low skilled jobs that British people could be doing simply comes down to inherrent British greed, particularly in the middle classes, where most bosses of British companies come from.

    They don't give a crap about the greater wellbeing of this country. They care only about themselves, their immediately profits, and not being perceived as racist.

    British people are selfish, inward looking and incredibly mercenry. As long as they're doing allright they don't care about anyone else. For all the average middle class manager cares the working class of this country can rot in their own feces.

    Mainland Europe is different, in many European countries all sections of society feel a social responsibility to help out their fellow man and thus companies are more likely to employ a local rather than immediately look overseas.

    However, the UK is all about $$$$ and maximizing profits. If some Eastern Europeans will come over here, not demand their employment rights, and work rediculous hours for minimum wage or sometimes less then they happily choose foreigners over British workers and their usual response is "If British people want the jobs then they need to stop being so lazy and work as hard as the immigrants".

    Basically, what they really mean is British workers are not prepared to become a slave to minimum wage and work 60 hour weeks for little reward. For that we're lazy in the eyes of the middle class bosses of this country and the establishment.
  2. Why should we give a rats arse about anywhere else, does the US give a shit, does Europe really care as long as we keep paying out. We are far more outward looking than the US or Japan for example.
  3. Kill him, kill him with fire
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  4. go wash my car you lazy pleb
  5. Someone please move this to the hole so that we can call the OP a **** without getting ROP'd.
  6. Never have i seen such a hate filled rant about hatred since the last time i got drunk and read the daily mail. I'm actually sort of impressed. :/
  7. How the **** will venting that shite on here help? This is the epicentre of the grumpy greedy mean-spirited universe. You should have turned left at the lights.
  8. H3

    H3 LE

    I like my BIG salary thanks ...... I worked for it and I'll keep it , get of your arse and work harder or are you just loathed to better yourself and think it should be just handed to you , have you ever worked anywhere else in this world and seen the corruption and class society that feeds it . Human nature is to preserve one's self try it sometime !
  9. Japan is a perfect example of my point. A highly monocultural society that looks after its own, doesn't seek foreign workers to fill jobs and generally keeps its nose out of world conflicts. As a result it is the third largest economy in the world. We'd have done well to follow their style of doing things, although, it's probably far too late now.
  10. ******* right!! The NHS pays me a mint to do **** all! If God didn't want poor people to do dirty jobs he wouldn't have invented Eastern Europe
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  11. Goatman

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    hee....when I saw the thread title I made a bet with myself that it came from Matematik....Hurrah, I win !

    Plse send my putty medal to

    'Ivor Penn'
    The Great PetroDollar Conspiracy TM
    U.S Treasury
    1575 Lexington Avenue
    Washington D.C

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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I'm not mercenry, I'm not even mercenary, I'm not selfish, I treat EVERYBODY with
    disdain, I'm not inward looking, I look to the future..My Future.

    Ah, you mean the use of Poles/Czechs/Hungarians/Russians etc....just like the
    Bohemian Corporal did, I agree they did work for very meager returns, just think
    of the Benefits though...no heating to pay, all provided by local foreign workers.
  14. what a load of cock and balls.

    still, if that's what you think you can always go to germany. it has the biggest economy in europe, the size of the economy seems to matter to you. unfortunately it won't be much use working in the largest economy though though because they've kept the wages artificially low. why do you think they are so competetive?

    oh and you're taxed by just over 50%.
    no NHS though.
  15. Alternatively, it could be that a large chunk of the British 'working class' ( bit of a misnomer if you think about it) do not actually want to work at jobs for which they are suited but feel are demeaning to them, then have the audacity to complain that people from other cultures who are willing to do these jobs are stealing them. This, coupled with the possibility that certain of the European cultures you are trumpeting are in fact Xenophobic, and discriminate unfairly against foreigners.
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